Tribute to Boston, 4/15/2013

I grew up about an hour south of Boston, and part of my heart is still there.

I grieved along with my friends who were there. I mourned for their losses. I cried out to God for mercy, right along with them. I gave thanks for every report of someone who was safe — whose plans changed “last minute” — people who normally watch the marathon right there at the finish line.

And after the initial shock, after making sure my closest loved ones were safe…

I started looking for the good.

For reasons to give thanks. For reasons to hope.

Because even in the midst of tragedy…

God is still merciful.

And so, my tribute to my city. My offering of thanks to God, for His constant mercy and goodness. My prayer that people would turn to Him during this time, and cling to His true peace despite the crazy violence of the world around us.


First Responders in Boston

EMS, firefighters, police, medical personnel, National Guard soldiers, and other LEO’s ran directly toward the explosions to offer help in any way possible. Then they stayed for hours after that — cleaning up, providing triage care for the wounded, getting families back together, and simply being a presence of safety in the middle of that uncertain fear.

Solidarity with Boston

Across the country — even across the world — people stopped and mourned for Boston’s hurt. Perhaps the most touching tributes (for me) are those from the NY Yankees, the long-time arch-rivals of Boston. But there were so many tributes paid to Boston, to LEO’s and first responders, and to the families of each person wounded or killed in the explosion.

American Patriotism

I hate the tragedies. But I love the way Americans pull together after each one. I love our fierce spirit of patriotism. How what happens to one state — happens to all. How flags are flown at half-mast all across the country. How we stand firm in saying we will find who did this, and they will feel the full weight of American justice.

…and the flag was still there…

Hope in God

As a Christian, even in the midst of tragedy, we can rejoice that our hope is not in elusive “world peace” or even in our nation’s ability to administer justice, but in God Himself. Our Source of Hope is eternal, unchanging, and beyond anything we could ever comprehend. No matter what happens in this world — HE is always the same.


Boston, we love you. We pray for you.

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7 thoughts on “Tribute to Boston, 4/15/2013

  1. Amen Cousin I hope that people start turning to the Lord that they will begin to realize that He is the answer. I am so thankful that this person has been caught and will now be brought to justice. God Bless and hope tha tall is well with you and James Love Cousin Elizabeth from the north.

    1. Thanks, Cousin 🙂

  2. Beautiful. I so wish our country would stay united.

    1. Me too!!!

  3. i never thought USA again attack by others.

  4. Thank you for your thoughtful posting. My small, but sincere photo tribute and message to the fine people of Boston:

    1. Thank you, Marcus. I appreciated your post as well!

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