Salt of the Earth

How can you be the salt of the earth?

Well, what does salt do? It seasons, adds flavor, highlights the essence of the original dish.

So as a Christian, you should…

Season your relationships with love and holiness.
Add the rich flavor of truth to your conversations and interactions.
Highlight the essence of God’s character in your daily life.

If you don’t . . .

If your speech tastes unloving and unholy . . .

If your relationships highlight the world’s discord . . .

If your life is seasoned with selfish desires and lusts . . .

Then are you truly being salt in this world? Or have you lost your flavor?

How do you faithfully remain “the salt of the earth” — living in this world, but remaining unflavored by its sinfulness?

You are the salt of the earth.

Maintain your saltiness by steeping your heart & mind in God’s Word.

Quotation from Matthew 5
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2 thoughts on “Salt of the Earth

  1. Hi Elizabeth, I think I maintain my saltiness by being in the Word…like you said at the end. And when I mess up, I ask God for forgiveness and receive it by faith. Thanks for the sweet exhortation and encouragement. Much love to you, friend!

    1. Yes, forgiveness is crucial – and so sweet in its fragrance. Thanks, friend! Blessings to you!

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