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Every so often, I like to share great posts from other sites with you. And this week saw a lot of exceptionally great posts, so there’s plenty to share. But I know your time is limited, so I’ll highlight just a few.

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Tim Challies is currently doing a series of hymn stories Sunday. He includes background information about the hymn-writer and the song, as well as the full text of that week’s particular choice. A few times he’s even shared links to free downloads. I love that he posts these on Sundays — it’s a great way to prepare your heart and mind to worship God. Check out his latest one here (All Hail the Power).

Intentional by Grace hosted a 5-day series about living intentionally. Sixteen bloggers shared for five days about being intentional in homemaking, resting, parenting, walking with God, being content, and a few other similar topics. Check out the list of bloggers here and glean some wisdom from each!

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New Life Steward is shared a great post this week (as part of the intentional living series) about how to make a prayer journal. She also wrote a good series last year titled Lord, Teach Us to Pray, and I would encourage you to spend some time reading through those 7 posts.

More posts related to prayer:

This post shares a list of specific ways to pray for missionaries.
This post is by a blogging-friend whose daughter suffers from some fatal health conditions. Peyton (the daughter) has been in the hospital again for the last 2 weeks, and they’re not sure when she’ll be able to go home again. {In other words, please support Sarah & Peyton in prayer!}

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Do Not Depart has a convicting post about your moment of surrender: “I dream that in a moment of dramatic testing, I’d make the big sacrifice. You know the one—gun to the head, demanding me to deny Jesus, my very life at stake. And I boldly proclaim, “Jesus forever!”, giving up my earthly life. Yet I can’t give up my place in line at Walmart?” Lisa goes on to suggest 5 ways we can surrender the “little things” for God’s glory.

My Home Tableau shares about recent struggles after her daughter suffered a serious illness.  She writes about having to find a “new normal” — a subject near to my heart! — specifically, re-discovering routine after a chaotic and traumatic interruption. Normalizing the abnormal is difficult, but Johanna suggests 3 basic (and doable!) steps to getting back on track.

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Lighter posts from the week:

Joy-Filled Days writes about how to become and stay interesting — in other words, how not to be a boring person. She suggests 6 simple ways to expand our knowledge and interests, so we can better interact with others.

Visionary Womanhood is focusing on spring cleaning & home organization this month. One great post from this week was 10 Tips for Relaxed Spring Cleaning — very practical and feasible suggestions for any homemaker!

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In other news, things are moving right along with Touching the HemWe’ve moved from revision (that was a lot of work!) to design (hopefully, a bit more fun for me). And we’re looking at the end of May for publication! I’m so excited!!! Stay tuned for more updates…

And now that I’ve finished the revisions, I’ve been able to catch up on a few other things — like reading! So expect a few book reviews in the next couple weeks. Meanwhile, check out my latest review of The Making of a Chef, a good read for anyone who loves to read and cook (not at the same time, hopefully).

Also, in case you missed it — I started a facebook group to provide community in intercession. It’s like an online prayer group, of sorts. Send me a message if you’re interested.


What have you read lately?
Any good articles or books you can recommend?



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  1. Reading “The Amazing Danis” which is about how this people group come to know the Lord and live for Him.

    1. Sounds interesting – is that a book? Who’s the author?

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