What Are You Learning?

It’s time to testify what God has been teaching you, and how you have been growing in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior.

I think I can sum up everything He’s been teaching me as a greater awareness of my sinfulness. You can’t pray for spiritual revival, without being touched by it yourself. You can’t gaze upon the cross for long, without being overwhelmed with your need for its bloody sacrifice.

Especially as we meditated on Christ’s death and resurrection this past weekend….  I’ve been overcome with how far short I fall from meeting God’s righteous standards. And how far He went to bring me to Himself.

What could I ever do to merit His mercy? How could I ever deserve His grace? How could I ever measure up to His amazing love?

But praise be to God! Jesus paid it all.

And all to Him I owe.

So what have you been learning lately? I’d love to read about it.
Share one of the following things in the comment section!

  • What biblical truth have you been meditating on lately?
  • What aspect of God’s character has He been showing you?
  • What promise or command has He been reminding you about?
  • What verses have been especially close to your heart?


Continue growing in knowledge and grace.
Read God’s Word with me this week!

Tuesday: James 3-5, Psalm 51
Wednesday: Joshua 1-3, Psalm 52
Thursday: Joshua 4-6, Psalm 53
Friday: Joshua 7-9, Psalm 54
Saturday: Joshua 10-12, Psalm 55
Sunday: Joshua 13-15, Psalm 56
Monday: reflection or catch-up


8 thoughts on “What Are You Learning?

  1. I think as we gaze at the cross our sinfulness does become more apparent. It casts us on God’s grace. Me, well, I’ve been learning to let God fight for me. Stop fighting, cling to Him, and let Him get the victory.

    1. Reminds me of Moses’ words at the Red Sea: “stand still, and see the salvation of the Lord!”

  2. I have been reading Jerry Bridges’ book “The Pursuit of Godliness” which is about pursuing the fruit of the Spirit. It is very convicting and especially for me the chapter on gentleness. I am not a gentle person at all. Definitely need to cultivate that in my life.

    1. Great book to be going through!

  3. I am thankful for the constant learning that His grace is enough. His strength carries us through our darkest hour when we turn it over to Him. Also am learning to surrender not only the problems of today, but the joys of today as well. 🙂 Love you, friend! Praying for you today!

    1. Surrendering “the joys of today” – what a great mindset, that I need to remember as well! Love you, friend!

  4. Hi Elizabeth! It’s so hard to sum up what God’s been working on in me, because it feels like a lot. Definitely my own sinfulness…like you mentioned. Turning my eyes off of self, even in conviction. Relying on Him to live a life of holiness. And being faithful. Persevering. Thanks for sharing your heart here. Blessings, friend!

    1. I love when God grows us in such obvious ways, don’t you? Thanks, friend! Have a wonderful day!

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