Celebrate Launch Week for Touching the Hem!

I am so excited about launch week!¬†And I’m breathing a huge sigh of relief that all that editing, revising, and detailing is finally DONE! Well, at least until the next book… ūüėČ

So, what does launch week mean for YOU?

  • Make sure you’ve “liked”¬†Touching the Hem on¬†Facebook, since I’ll be sharing giveaways there throughout the week. There’s going to be a few of them, so invite all your friends to “like” the page too!
  • I’ll also be sharing a few places around the web. I’ll share a little more about the book, about my own story, and about the writing life. (Note: If you’re interested in having me share something on your website, I’d be happy to! Send me a message!)
  • And if you’ve already read the ebook, would you consider leaving¬†a quick review¬†on¬†Amazon¬†or¬†Goodreads¬†sometime this week? I’d love to¬†know what you thought, and it would let others¬†know that you think it’s worth reading!

Also, a few acknowledgements…

Because¬†I wouldn’t be celebrating this week, if it weren’t for the help and hard work of others.¬†I never realized how much work was involved in getting to see your name on the spine of a book! And I know my own work was only half of it…

  • I have to give a big THANK YOU¬†to my publisher, Ambassador International, for all their hard work and concentrated effort to get this book out in a timely and excellent manner. Editing, formatting, designing, revising, revising again, marketing… and their work still isn’t done! They’re still in the process of placing the book at various retail stores, and I am¬†so grateful for their expertise in that!
  • I also want to say thanks to YOU, my friends and readers, who have encouraged me along the way. From those who first suggested I publish a book, to those who gave suggestions and advice, those who cheered me on through these past six months of hard work, and those who have prayed for me:¬†THANK YOU.¬†You may not realize just how much your encouragement kept me going!
  • And finally, a big¬†THANK YOU to the wonderful team at Weaving Influence, who have been creating graphics and helping to share the book across the blogosphere. Also, a quick shout-out for¬†Team Faith Builder, where they’ve been promoting it.¬†You guys rock! ūüôā

And finally…

Would you pray with me, that God would use this book for His glory?
That it would end up in the hands of those who most need its encouragement? 

I didn’t write this book because I wanted it to end up on the NY Times¬†bestseller list. I wrote it because I needed to study it out for my own spiritual benefit — and I wrote it to help others who are struggling through sickness, and in need of the true hope that can only be found in God’s Word.

I’m just the instrument, and the words in my book are just the tools. God is the One who can heal the heart, encourage the mind, and strengthen the body.

Surely He can use these words for His glory!

Touching the Hem


5 thoughts on “Celebrate Launch Week for Touching the Hem!

  1. Congratulations, Elizabeth. May God be glorified!

    1. Thank you, friend! And yes – may He be glorified above all!

  2. Congrats on publishing! New to you but this looks wonderful!

    1. Thanks so much! ūüôā

  3. neat!

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