Let’s Chat: Getting Through Tough Times

Lets Chat

What gets you through difficult seasons of physical suffering?

Personally, I depend on the prayers of friends & family, encouraging Christian music, lots of books, recordings of the Psalms, and my favorite hot pack.

What about you?

Prayer, friends, favorite music, sleep, special family time, books, favorite Scripture passages, certain routines…???

Share your favorites in the comments, and let’s get chatting! And invite your friends: click here to tweet about it!



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12 thoughts on “Let’s Chat: Getting Through Tough Times

  1. Jesus

  2. When I’m having a sick day, all I can do is wait for it to pass. It’s too hard to concentrate, so prayer is a no-go (at least the conscious kind-not the groanings of my spirit), and reading is impossible physically, so I can only lay on the couch and watch TV-Mythbusters or Monk, or something that makes me smile. If a friend can come over, which is rare for someone to have free time in the middle of the day, that is the way I’d most like to pass the time.

    1. That sounds so familiar 🙂 I like watching light-hearted TV drama (Monk, Psych) or reading some light fiction. Friends are okay, but I usually don’t have the energy to hold a conversation on my bad days.

  3. Nor do I; but just having someone to laugh with me at Monk or Psych makes me happy.

  4. For me it’s reading. And sleep when my eyes can’t stay open anymore. My husband and I had this conversation just the other night about how I retreat to our bed with the pillows piled high and hide with a book and a duvet when I’m feeling ill – either in spirit or body. Growing up as an only child of older parents reading and quiet was the norm in our house, so it’s always been a comfort for me.

    Great question Elizabeth!

    1. That sounds so cozy, Lori! I love big piles of pillows 🙂

  5. For me it is a warm Epsom salt bath with a good encouraging book. I try to read uplifting books, usually Christian or something to take my mind to another place. I ordered your book Elizabeth and also downloaded the study guide, so after my bible study I will be reading it..also congratulations on your book!

    I also like to watch movies, usually chick flicks take my mind off of my circumstances. This life is hard and I miss being able to do what I used to do, but these things help me a lot.

    1. Funny, you mentioned watching chick flicks… about the ONLY time I’ll watch chick flicks, is when I feel miserable and can’t focus on anything. The rest of the time I can’t stand them! 🙂

      I do hope the book is an encouragement to you, Kim! Thanks!!

  6. My family is so good to take special care of me during my painful days. Like many who have commented, I find something to do that doesn’t take too much concentration and very little physical activity, like reading, editing photos/graphics, or watching something on Netflix. I pray as I can, and I know my family is praying for me.

    1. I’m sensing a theme here… 🙂

  7. Having the opportunity to rest when I need to and giving myself permission that this is ok. Not always easy, but better than suffering and allowing myself to feel guilty.

    Thanks for linking up at Essential Fridays. Blessings.

    1. Oh, amen!! It’s so easy to feel guilty about resting. Thanks for that encouraging reminder, Mel!

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