Who Is God?

Who is your God? (click here to read part 1)

Our view of God colors our view of circumstances, of people, and of life itself. So what is your view of God? And how does it compare to what God Himself says He is?

Let’s look at a few attributes of God which are detailed in His Word:

God is unchanging. He is the Father of lights with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change. He is called our rock, an immovable part of nature which remains stable, even when the land or sea around it is tumultuous and wind-blown.  This is the very basis of His nature – for if He changed from one day to the next, how could we trust anything else about Him?

He is eternally the same! His character is eternally the same: He is the same God today that He was for Israel, several thousand years ago. His words are eternally the same: what He promised in the very beginning, a Messiah and redemption for sin,  will be true until the end of time.

God is omniscient. He knows everything. He can never forget anything or overlook anything. There is no detail that He does not know, nothing that is hidden from Him, nothing that limits His knowledge in any way. The psalmist tells us that His understanding is beyond measure.

God has all wisdom. He puts that infinite knowledge to good use! He is called the God only wise, which refers to a capacity of wisdom peculiar to God alone. He, in essence, is wisdom.  And He is infinitely wise: there is no end to what He can determine or plan or understand.  As one college professor used to say, He has the helicopter view of our lives while we only have the dashboard view!

God is good. How can we fully appreciate His wisdom, if we don’t know that He is always good? But He is good. He provides for His creation’s needs.  He acts beneficently towards people – sending rain on both righteous and wicked, showing mercy to every generation, and providing a plan of redemption for a rebellious people.

God is love. He continually gives of Himself for the benefit of others.  He offers an unfailing, sacrificial kindness that regulated by principle, rather than by its recipient. His love is not based on anything we can do to merit it – in fact, we are far from deserving such kindness and grace! Yet, He promises (unfailingly!) that we can never be separated from His amazing love by anything  physical or spiritual.

God is sovereign over all. Just as immutability is the foundation of God’s nature, sovereignty is the culmination of it. Because nothing, and no one, has greater authority than He does! Nothing – good or bad – can happen that He has not authorized. No person can suffer or prosper without His approval. And when viewed in light of His other attributes (immutability, wisdom, goodness, love) this should be the greatest comfort!

Who Is God?

Even when Satan trolls along, seeking to tempt and destroy us, even his attempts must be approved by God. Even when the effects of sin in this world pile up and afflict you, even those must be authorized by God. But if you know who your God is, you can be comforted throughout any kind of suffering! {<– tweet this!}

If you remember that God is unfailingly good, you can trust that He will never approve something that is not for your benefit! If you remember that He has all wisdom, you can trust that He would not allow something that would not lead you to a desirable outcome. If you remember that He is unchanging, you can trust that He will strengthen and care for you the same way He cared for His people throughout the Old and New Testaments.

These are just a few attributes of the great God we worship!

What else would you add? Share a comment!


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  1. Stopping in from the Thrive at Home link-up. I love this post and agree. It is important to know who God is and how He has revealed Himself through His Word. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Thanks for stopping by! Have a wonderful day 🙂

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