Who Is Your God?

Let’s try a quick exercise.

Grab a piece of paper and a pen. Now take about sixty seconds and jot down as many words as you can think of to finish this sentence: “God is ________________.”

And, GO!


{…cue Jeopardy theme song…}


Okay, STOP.

How’d it go? Was it easy? Or harder than you expected? Do you like what you came up with?

And – the real question – why is it important, anyway? 

Because your view of God colors your view of everything else…

If you believe He is loving and kind, then you will trust Him even when your way is rocky and dark. If you believe He is cold and uncaring, then you will struggle to accept uncertainty, or see suffering as something good.

If you think of Him as a distant “man upstairs” then you will have trouble trusting His goodness in difficult situations. If you view Him as a loving father, you will find it simple to rest in Him when storms rage around you.

If you view God as impersonal, you will have no idea how to carry on through agonizing grief or loss. If you know He indwells you, it will still be challenging, but you will have an incomprehensible peace and joy, despite your circumstances.


We cannot understand our circumstances,
or know how to respond to them, until we know who God is.

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So who is your God? Come back tomorrow for an overview of His character!

Meanwhile, feel free to share what you wrote about Him!


God shares who He is within His Word!
Join me in reading it this week:

Tuesday: Luke 10-12, Ecclesiastes 1
Wednesday: Luke 13-15, Ecclesiastes 2
Thursday: Luke 16-18, Ecclesiastes 3
Friday: Luke 19-21, Ecclesiastes 4
Saturday: Luke 22-24, Ecclesiastes 5
Sunday: Amos 1-3, Ecclesiastes 6
Monday: reflection or catch-up



4 thoughts on “Who Is Your God?

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  2. I would say, “God is mighty!” I’ve been studying God’s power lately and it’s transforming my mind and heart 🙂 If He has power to create everything out of nothing, does He not have the power to guide me and help me through my daily trials? Do I need to fear? His mighty power is a comfort for me lately.

    1. I love that, Kim! What an excellent truth to meditate on today!

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