Let’s Chat about Bible Reading

What have you been reading lately in God’s Word?

Are you trying to read through the Bible in 2013? Are you studying a particular book or a specific topic? How has it been going? What’s been your favorite book so far? What lessons have stuck out to you?

Leave a comment.

Share what you’ve been reading, ask a question, or share something you’ve learned that might encourage someone else. And invite your friends to join in too — tweet about it!

And let’s chat about Bible reading!


Lets Chat


Read God’s Word with me this week!

Tuesday: Hosea 5-8, Song of Songs 7
Wednesday: Ezra 1-4, Psalm 116
Thursday: Ezra 5-7, Psalm 117
Friday: Ezra 8-10, Psalm 118:1-14
Saturday: Nehemiah 1-3, Psalm 118: 15-29
Sunday: Nehemiah 4-7, Psalm 119:1-16
Monday: reflection or catch-up

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7 thoughts on “Let’s Chat about Bible Reading

  1. I’m not keeping track if I get it all read in a year or not, but I read however long I feel like it the Old Testament, then on to where ever I am in Psalms and continue past it and then the New Testament. Someone told me if you read 9 chapters a day you can read the Bible through in 6 months. I wonder how many Christians have not actually ever read the Bible through?

    1. That’s great if you can stick with it, Debbie! Personally, I need the weight of a deadline to stay on track with it. I actually read through the whole Bible for the first time last year… It was hard sometimes, but so amazing!!

  2. I’m reading through the Bible this year and am now in Proverbs. I’m amazed at how much I see Jesus in these Old Testament verses…not just in the prophecies about Him but even in the lives of Biblical people who seemed to have fallibly foreshadowed His infallible life. I’m currently amazed at the great wisdom in Proverbs even as I’ve read through the book of Proverbs before. You see new things all the time! 🙂 Might blog about this soon! Are you reading through the Bible this year too?

    1. Yes, isn’t it wonderful to view the Old Testament through the lens of the New? I love catching glimpses of the overarching “big picture” of God’s plan of redemption!

  3. I’m following a yearly plan, but I’ve gotten behind. Our schedule has been jumbled the last month, and I’ve not had my usual morning time to read. Today I did though – it took me 45 minutes to read three chapters in Luke I was interrupted so many times, but right now I’m more concerned with reestablishing the habit than anything else. 🙂

    1. I’ve been learning to give myself grace about reading every single chapter, every single day… it’s my goal, but if I start getting behind, sometimes it’s wiser for me to just skip ahead rather than getting mired in catching up.

  4. I will be studying Hebrews in the fall with some ladies at my church, but right now, with the discouraging changes in our society, I am feeling more and more like a sojourner in a foreign land, and I’ve started reading Exodus.

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