Let’s Chat about Reading!

I am a bookworm, and I’m not ashamed to admit it! But as a bookworm, I often have trouble deciding just which book should go next on my list. After all, there’s thousands of books — traditional and digital — to choose from. Unfortunately, there’s less-than-thousands of minutes to read them all. So how do you choose?

I’m actually preparing a two-part series about this topic for later in the week, partly from my own musings and observations, partly from application of biblical principles. I’ll also review a great resource that’s really helped me define why I read what I read. But before I share all of that, I want to hear your thoughts on the subject!

For instance…

  • How do YOU decide what to read?
  • What genres do you find helpful, encouraging, or uplifting? Why?
  • What genres do you find harmful or not worthwhile?
  • What are your priorities in reading — ie, why do you read?
  • How have you intentionally formed a Christian perspective on reading?
  • Any other thoughts about reading, specifically as a disciple of Christ?

Leave a comment, and let’s get chatting!


Let's Chat about Reading


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11 thoughts on “Let’s Chat about Reading!

  1. The past few years I have really begun to read biographies and memoirs that are Christian. I tend to read only Christian based books but have decided I should read others as long as they are pleasing to the mind (Phil. 4:8). As a missionary, a lot of what I read is focused on missions. I have loved reading from the first time I learned what a book was whatever that age. I enjoyed being transported to other places and lives. Reading also gave me a love for writing from an early age.

    1. I want to start reading more missions-centered books. They always have a great impact on my attitude and desires. Any favorites you can suggest?

      1. The Insanity of God by Nik Ripken is at the top of my list. It is heart gripping. Also enjoy anything by Helen Roseveare.

  2. I try to read things that inform and teach. Mostly non fiction. I love biographies. If the book if full of vulgar language or immoral themes, I won’t read it even if it resolves in the end. I tend to be sensitive to violence in movies and especially sensitive to cruelty to children, women. So, I don’t easily put them out of my mind which creates a conflict with Phil 4. I love to read about how others lived, how they dealt with life and how they perceived it.

    1. Sarah, that’s a great way to form boundaries around what you will or won’t read. I struggle with that sometimes.

  3. I read what my teachers tell me to. Also, known as graduate school….

    1. Hmmm… 😉

  4. I read some (only a few) political books since I don’t watch the news or get a newspaper. I don’t read many (any) devotional books. For that, I just read the Bible and spend more time in prayer. I have found The Moosepath League books by Van Reid to be very fun and clean, combining some early American history with entertainment. Probably my favorite genre is biographies-I especially liked Miss Bradstreet, because the book spoke of Anne Bradstreet’s poetry, and her family history and political involvement in the earliest American settlements, and there was a lot of background information on the Puritans and their treatment in England and expectations of America.

  5. Hi there Elizabeth, No, I haven’t fallen off of the face of the earth. Just doing all that is required to get my family settled into a new home and community. Yikes…it takes time. And, thus takes time away from blogging. However, I stopped to read yours today because I miss my blogging community.
    I am a lover of the written word. I prefer hard copy to e-reader. I am most at home in the middle of a library or book store. I hate that book stores are closing and have a hidden desire to open my own and defy the odds. We have a book store here in town that sells left over books for $0.99. I walked out the door the other day with over 20 books. I told myself last year that I couldn’t buy a new book until I had read all of the ones on my bookshelf I hadn’t yet read. Well, that didn’t last for long. I continue to buy new books.
    As far as what I pick, depends on my mood, state of mind, interests at that time in my life. I am convinced the Spirit leads me to picking out certain genres and themes.
    Right now, I want to read everything I can about suffering and grief and resilience and spiritual healing (that includes novels, non-fiction and memories). There is such profound mystery there, the scriptures speak of suffering like it is something we “almost” long for. Paul has become quite a teacher for me lately.
    But, I do love the beach novel, lose yourself in the characters novel, and well written, funny memoirs.
    I pass on books to friends and find myself recommending books to people all of the time. Reading has always been a hobby for me

    1. Jana, it’s great to hear from you! Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Have you ever thought about sharing some favorite recommendations on your blog? I’d love to know what’s been an encouragement and a help to you!

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