#LetsChat: What Are You Learning?

What have you been learning lately? How has God been drawing you closer and teaching you?

Maybe there’s a character trait that you’ve been learning about, or a discipline you’ve been practicing. Maybe it’s a relationship God has been helping you improve. Maybe it’s simply soaking yourself in His presence, and finding rest in His strength.

Praise the Lord by testifying of what He is doing in your life!  Sharing the good work that He has begun in you is a great way to proclaim His greatness. It might bless someone else to read how He’s accomplishing His purposes. It might encourage someone else who’s discouraged and struggling to learn the same thing. And it will definitely please Him!

Me, personally? I’ve been learning…

  • to find emotional and physical strength in being joyful, even when I’m exhausted — because the “joy of the Lord is my strength”
  • to be a friend, without expecting anything in return, rather than focusing on needing a friend — and reaping the sweet blessings of ministering to others
  • to be cheerfully “interruptable” whenever my husband approaches me, even when it feels really inconvenient — because he is my greatest priority right now (after God, of course!)
  • to pray about everything — EVERY thing! — with thankfulness, and reap God’s amazing incomprehensible peace in return for surrendering my worries and anxieties


Lets Chat

It’s YOUR turn! What are you learning???



12 thoughts on “#LetsChat: What Are You Learning?

  1. God is teaching me that He’s all I need and that following Him is so much easier when I rely on His grace. 🙂

    1. Amen! Loved your post about that, by the way! 🙂

  2. God is teaching me to trust Him, even when I can’t see the forest for all of the trees. 🙂 To understand that He will help me handle our new adventure, one step at a time, and will give me the grace when I need it… not before, when I’m already worrying about step #563, instead of step #2. 🙂

    1. Trust is one of those things we have to learn over and over again, right? One step at a time, like you said. His grace is always there when we need it.

  3. God has taught me to trust him even when everything is crazy. He is also teaching me that he answers prays in many different ways. Sometime the answer is yes, no, or wait even if the answer is yes it may not be in the way you expect. I praise Him in all that He dose in my life and family.

    1. Amen! He does always hear the prayers of His children, and *always* answers them… the rub is, getting our desires in line with His, so we accept His answers as good and perfect. Thanks for stopping by, Michael!

  4. God is teaching me what it means to believe, really believe in that which is unseen: to have faith that is convinced of things not seen, and to hope expectantly. There is no situation so bad that He can’t redeem it and bring good out of it. Even when something appears hopeless to us, we are still called to have hope and to pray continuously, believing that God can bring good out of anything. “Lord, I believe; help Thou my unbelief.”

    1. “There is no situation so mad that He can’t redeem it and bring good out of it.” — Amen!!

  5. God is teaching me to trust Him as my source, to provide what my husband and I need day by day, to see Him in the everyday moments of life

    1. Yep, He’s teaching me about His provision too! Sometimes I think that’s a never-ending lesson on this earth… 🙂

  6. I’m learning how much we need community. And how hard that can be to cultivate. And to focus on today instead of looking far ahead, whether to be excited about upcoming mission trip, or worried about finances etc. Today, I have what I need. Today is enough. You have a great site and such encouragement! Thank you for sharing!

    1. “Today is enough.” Yes! Thanks Melinda!

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