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For several years now, I’ve been following the Women Living Well blog, where Courtney Joseph shares how women can live well by knowing and obeying God’s Word.

She shares the truth of Scripture, along with practical applications for building strong relationships, keeping an orderly home, fulfilling roles as a parent or wife, spending time with God, and knowing His Word more deeply and fully. It’s one blog I know will always have sound doctrine, though it may be counter-cultural, and will always turn my focus towards becoming the woman God wants me to be.

Well, now there’s a book about it too…

A few months ago, I was notified about joining the launch team for the Women Living Well book. That basically means I received a free digital copy of the book in exchange for sharing about it across social media. I don’t usually seek out those opportunities — because I want to make sure I’m always only recommending the very best to you all.

But because Courtney consistently delivers biblically sound advice on her blog, I had a feeling this would be a great book to recommend. And it is.

Like the title says, the book is for women who want to live well. It focuses on our roles as daughters of the King, and provides a sort of “road map” to walking well with Him, specifically in our spiritual lives and our roles within the family and home. 

As daughters of the King, our first and greatest priority is our relationship with the King.  Section 1 focuses on the need to slow down and spend consistent, quality time with God and His Word. It teaches principles, but also touches on everyday problems like being “crazy busy”  (aren’t we all?) and the “information overload” of a increasingly digital age.

This section was so refreshing, and yet convicting too. It reminded me of the sheer joy I experience when I make spending time with God a priority… and of the unnecessary burden I place on myself when I don’t. It was perhaps my favorite section of the book, and of course is the relevant to Christian women in any life-stage.

“Anything less than God himself will leave our souls unsatisfied.” {tweet this!}

After God comes our family, and Sections 2-3 turn their focus to marriage and parenting. While these chapters were geared toward specific life-stages, the actual principles are applicable to many other women as well, and at the very least will help any woman form a more biblical theology about these topics.

The section on marriage focuses on the wife’s role as a helper to her husband. While this may seem counter-cultural, it is soundly biblically, and exactly what God created woman to be. I really appreciated the combination of sound theology and practical application in this section. If you’ve read a lot of marriage books, there might not be very much “new” stuff — but it’s presented in a concise way that’s refreshing and very practicably helpful.

The 10-day marriage challenge brought it all together in bite-size actionable steps.  Day 5 was my favorite — “communicate with your husband about your priorities.” I adapted her suggestion by listing 10 things I do regularly that require decent energy (since energy is tight resource for me), and my husband ranked them according to priority level (he put all 10 things on about 5 different levels). And it was an eye-opener! A few things I placed a higher priority on, don’t matter as much to him as other things… so now I know how to better order my day to help him and promote a peaceful atmosphere in our relationship.

“You were not created to compete with your husband,
but to complete him.” {tweet this!}

After marriage, comes kids. And I don’t have any yet, so I confess to merely skimming through the chapters on parenting. But what I saw there looked encouraging, practical, and biblical — and even just skimming over it helps build a foundation for the day when I will (hopefully) have kids of my own.

The final section deals with our homes. And it’s not just for full-time homemakers! Many women today try to blend work and family — yet despite being short on time, and often short on money as well, we can still make our homes a haven for our families. There are so many practical suggestions in these chapters about everything from laundry, cleaning, and cooking; to creating a peaceful atmosphere with scented candles and music (what’s not to love?); to following good routines, honoring Sunday, taking time to rest — and even using social media! There’s also a chapter that hits some highlights from Proverbs 31 (which Courtney wrote about further in this book).

“Give yourself permission not to have your to-do list all checked off
in order for you to rest and get time alone with God.” {tweet that!}

I highly recommend Women Living WellIn fact, I would love to read it again with other women who desire to live well. There’s also a companion study guide with 1 page per chapter, which helps personalize the application even further. It would be great for a small group study, or one-on-one discipleship!

Courtney is also doing a corresponding series of FREE webcasts with 8 other godly women (and bloggers). I watched the first one this past week, and thought it was great. Find more details at womenlivingwell.tv.

Note to guys: while it’s not so relevant for you all, this book would definitely make a fabulous gift for your wife, sister, mother, or adult daughter!

Women Living Well Blog Tour

As part of the launch celebration, I get to give away a signed copy of the book to one lucky blessed reader!

To enter, leave a comment about why you want to read this book. For a second entry, share this on Twitter or create your message on facebook, and be sure to leave a second comment stating that you did so. 

If you don’t want to enter the giveaway, or wait for the results, you can buy the book here.

FINE PRINT: Giveaway ends at 11:59 PM on Sunday, October 6. Winner will be chosen randomly and notified by email. Winner has 48 hours in which to accept, otherwise a second winner will be chosen. Contest open only to residents of the USA and Canada, ages 18 and older. 


10 thoughts on “Women Living Well – Review & Giveaway

  1. I absolutely adore Courtney and love her blog. Her advice on marriage and being a woman of God is so inspiring to me. I would be blessed to win a copy.

  2. I want to be a woman that pleases God by living well. I want to focus more on making the right choices in His eyes and not my own. This book sounds wonderful and I would love the opportunity to read it and in return be blessed and walk out the things that I learn. I want God to be pleased with my life and actions and feel that this book would be a great resource for that:)

  3. I’m not a wife or mom but interested in hearing what she has to say:)

  4. LOVE Courtneys blog, her book will be fantastic! 🙂

  5. I’ve been following her blog for a couple years now and am always encouraged and challenged by her sound Biblical teaching. I also have enjoyed the Bible studies she and Angela have done. Would love to read her book to grow in my role as a wife, mother and daughter of the King!

  6. Thanks for offering such a great giveaway! I love Courtney, and I can’t wait for a chance to great Women Living Well. I have high expectations, and I’m sure it won’t disappoint! 🙂

  7. I would actually love to win this for a friend to read together. My husband preordered the book for me for my birthday but I would love to give this as a gift for a dear sweet friend of mine.

  8. I’ve seen a lot about this book recently, would love to own my own copy.

  9. I want to read the book because you recommend it highly. 🙂

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