Let’s Chat: Choosing Gratitude Daily

We are now six weeks into the Choosing Gratitude study. I hope you’ve been enjoying and learning as much as I have! But I wanted to take a break from the book this week to have a little “coffee date” with you, and chat about how we’re making gratitude a habit in our own lives.

I’m personally trying to make gratitude a daily habit by choosing to worship instead of whineWhen I feel a complaining spirit coming on, I try to focus my thoughts on a passage of praise, like Psalm 103. Instead of griping and murmuring with discontent, I pray those words back to God:

Bless the Lord, O my soul,
and all that is within me bless his holy name.
Bless the Lord, O my soul,
and forget not all his benefits!

Scripture has a way of turning my attitude completely around, that’s for sure! I’ve also started listening to uplifting Christian music during my morning walks, instead of my usual soundtracks or upbeat country songs. It’s turned my walk time into worship time, as I praise God through song while enjoying His beautiful creation and the health He’s given me to be able to exercise like that.

What else am I praising Him for?

  • that He knows exactly what is happening in our country right now
  • that He is working His purposes even when we can’t see anything good in a situation
  • that someday we will enjoy an eternity free of sin’s curse, face-to-face with our Savior!
  • fresh air, sunshine, and cooler weather for fall (and pumpkin everything!)
  • healing remedies found within nature – which cost less and have fewer side effects than man-made remedies
  • the abundance of good food readily available in our country
  • the ability and opportunity to work regularly from home
  • a wonderful husband who strives to love me unconditionally (even when I’m pretty rotten)
  • parents who are also friends and prayer warriors

How are you deliberately choosing gratitude on a daily basis?
What have you been thanking God for specifically?
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4 thoughts on “Let’s Chat: Choosing Gratitude Daily

  1. I’ve been thanking God for my newly painted walls, my abundance of tomatoes still ripening, good friends, and school going so very well.

    1. Ripening tomatoes sound really good right now! Ours all died from the heat about a month ago.

  2. I’ve been thanking God for the people-believers and unbelievers alike-in my life. I’ve been thinking about people, unbelievers specifically, and how they are a gift to us . . . not just projects or opportunities, but gifts of God to help us, to relieve loneliness, to comfort us, and to laugh and cry with us.

    1. This made me smile! Everyone we interact with touches us in some way… that being said, I’m thankful for you! 🙂

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