Choosing Gratitude: Chapter 7

Welcome to the Choosing Gratitude study! If you’re not sure what this is all about, we’re studying through Choosing Gratitude by Nancy Leigh DeMoss. See the Introduction for more details.

Thanks… for Everything!

I think it’s just perfect that we’re hitting this chapter right now… in November, in the middle of thanksgiving season, when thankfulness lists and gratitude posts abound. We are so blessed! We have so many things (and people!) to be thankful for. And not just generically thankful, but thankful to God Himself.

God didn’t just create us and leave us to get through life on our own — He is with us every single day, caring for us and sustaining us through every circumstance.

He provides for our needs, even the needs we don’t realize we have. He sends blessings beyond measure. He gives us each new breath, and each new morning, and fills them all with His mercies.

So what can you thank Him for today?

Material Blessings: Coffee, fresh air, sunshine, a car that runs, clean water to drink, health insurance, the Sunday comics, coupons, vacuum cleaners, libraries, digital books, warm winter coats, fuzzy socks…

These are all good things, and they are each a gift directly from our Father’s hand. These gifts are the things you should thank Him for, whether in prayer or song or written word. These are a specific part of the “everything” in which we should give thanks!

Spiritual Blessings: Salvation, divine encouragement, sure rewards for obedience, the Holy Spirit’s constant guidance, clear instruction in God’s Word, divine intercession, freedom from sin’s power, a future beyond compare…

Nancy also mentions other blessings, like God’s steadfast character… and His calling in each of our lives. Can you thank God for that? Yes! Even when your calling feels like drudgery, even when you almost dread waking up each day because you’re so tired of whatever-it-is that can’t get off your to-do list, even then you can praise God for trusting you with those tasks! Even then, you can thank Him for allowing you the privilege of serving Him.

Relational Blessings: Family (immediate & extended), godly pastors, caring church families, friendly neighbors, pleasant coworkers, competent doctors, loving friends, faithful prayer partners…

Have you ever thanked those people for how you’re blessed by them? Don’t take those people for granted, because we all know that life is short and uncertain! So thank them for being there. Thank them for their inspiring examples of courage, for their faithful words of truth, for their constant joy, for their edifying influence.

“Until we can make our thanksgiving lists within the context of God’s grace,
it’s like waking up in the night and only being able to see part of the clock.”


Choosing Gratitude Study


Now it’s YOUR turn!

  • What did you love in chapter 7? What didn’t you love?
  • What are you thankful for today? Share some blessings in the comments!
  • Who can you say “thank you” to today?

P.S. I’m very thankful for all of YOU!! 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Choosing Gratitude: Chapter 7

  1. Chapter 7 was a real blessing! There was nothing that I didn’t like and so much that I did like…many quotes that I wrote in my notes! I think Nancy summed up this chapter well in her quote, “Those whose hearts are tuned and alert will never lack reasons to say “Thank you!” Physical and material blessings. Spiritual blessings. People who have blessed and touched our lives.” Some blessings I’ve received: God, His Spirit, and His Son, His grace and mercy and compassion and love and forgiveness, my husband, my mom, my family, my friends, the Bible, indoor plumbing (especially thankful for this in the colder weather!), electricity, access to the Internet, ability to read and to write, my pets, things that God prevents from happening that I do not know about…there is not enough room to list the things that come to mind just in the short time I’ve been commenting here. I plan to thank my college english professor today, for renewing in me my enjoyment of writing and for being such an encouragement to me; it’s been about 12 years and I want to make sure I thank her. And I thank you, Elizabeth, for being a source of great encouragement throughout this study and for presenting our weekly studies on gratitude. Having this study now is God’s great and perfect timing. Thank you!

    1. Aw, thank you Sandy! You are a blessing to me, and I am thankful that God directed you to this blog so we could encourage each other!

      And I agree that this book is definitely a blessing too! God has really used it to open my eyes to all that He provides me with on a daily basis. It’s overwhelming sometimes!

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