Let’s Chat: Christmas Traditions!

One of my favorite things about Christmas is all the traditions we get observe every year. You know, those things you do every single year that make it finally “feel like” Christmas. Or those certain ways you like to celebrate Jesus, or particular ways you enjoy being together as a family during the Christmas season.

Whether you’ve grown up practicing certain routines, making the season special in a particular way every year, or you’ve recently established some new habits for celebrating — traditions are a great way to stay focused on Christ, truly enjoying the season, and making lots of great memories.

What are some of my favorites?

Growing up, we would recite the Christmas story as a family, in front of our nativity, very first thing on Christmas morning. We’d quote (or read) Luke 2:1-20, then sing Away in a Manger, and then Dad would close in prayer. It was a great way to start off the day by focusing on the true Joy and Hope that we were celebrating!

Another tradition which I picked up from my Mom, and now practice in my own home, is putting out my nativity before any other Christmas decorations go up. Again, it helps me focus on why we celebrate Christmas. I love taking a few moments to think about the various characters of the nativity — Mary’s humility and willingness to be used, Joseph’s fear of God, the shepherd’s eagerness to worship Christ, the wise men’s determination to find the little baby — and of course, Baby Jesus, our precious Salvation and wondrous Redeemer.

A more recent tradition I’ve established is Christmas card intercession. I usually design my own cards, either scrapbook style or on the computer, and send them out to close family and friends. And every year, as I write a short message and address the envelopes, I pray for God’s blessings on the recipients. I love having a concrete reminder to pray for each of them, and love knowing that the cards are going out with more than just a few words… they’re going out with the power of God, as He works through my prayers!

And we have some fun traditions too! Like picking out ornaments for each other — a fun tradition my husband and I both grew up with, and have now carried on into our own family — and a great way to decorate the tree! And ordering pizza for dinner when we celebrate Christmas at home, by ourselves (and the puppy… although she doesn’t get any pizza!).

How about you???

  • What are some favorite Christmas traditions? Did you grow up with them, or are they more recent additions to your Christmas season?
  • How about your least favorite Christmas traditions? Maybe your family loves them, but you don’t for whatever reason… what are some of those?
  • Or maybe you’re trying to form some new traditions, as your family grows and changes… what are you thinking of trying this year?

Let’s talk Christmas!!


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7 thoughts on “Let’s Chat: Christmas Traditions!

  1. We are still working on forming our Christmas traditions. We usually visit family for the few days prior, but I prefer to have the kids home on Christmas Eve and Day. I’m sure we’ll develop new traditions as kids get older, but right now the one we are starting this year is always attending both the Christmas Eve service and the Christmas Day service at church. There’s no better way to celebrate than to hear His Word preached! 🙂 Beyond that – we may have a special breakfast, we’ll always do the advent calendar, some day I would like a special nativity set and an advent wreath, and eventually I would like to pull in the Dec 6th St. Nick tradition as well… but in the meantime, His Word is the only tradition we really have/need 😉 Merry Christmas, Friend!

    1. Christmas services are always so special! We get to enjoy one on Christmas Day this year. But I’m not familiar with the St Nick tradition… what’s special about it?

  2. Every year we have a birthday party for Jesus! Complete with cake!
    We have a nativity that my mom made that has a removable baby Jesus and as my Dad reads the Christmas story, my brother and I put Jesus in the manger on Christmas Day (alternate years).
    Christmas Eve, we go to our church service and then head home for a Mexican dinner and normally open a gift or two. 🙂

    1. Sounds like some wonderful traditions… although I’d rather have pizza then Mexican! 🙂

  3. I am a stickler about consistency, and knowing that life is always changing, I know that traditions can’t be kept consistently, so my tradition is to do something different every year. Well, I do have one tradition, and that is to regift all the obligatory, corporate, token gifts at the earliest opportunity. You can read all about that on my blog.

    1. I love this –> “…my tradition is to do something different every year.”

  4. I love traditions. Every Christmas Eve we go to my in-laws and have italian food, then usually church and home. Christmas morning we wake up get cinnamon rolls in the oven and start opening presents. Then we eat breakfast and relax around the house smelling the amazing prime rib dinner (my mother buys the meat as a Christmas gift!)

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