Best of 2013: Good Reading to Start the New Year

Need some good reading to start off the new year? Check out the top posts from 2013!

Top Posts of 2013

  • How to Make a Prayer List
    Do you keep a prayer list or prayer journal? There’s many different ways to do it. But if you need some suggestions, here’s four simple steps to making a prayer list that works for you.


  • Using Your Prayer List
    So now that you have a prayer list, do you use it? I don’t know about you, but I find the list-keeping part easy — and the using of it, not so easy. But praying for each other is so incredibly important! Intercession is a privilege that only God’s true children can enjoy!


  • Social Media: a Christian Perspective
    As Christians, we have a responsibility to show Christ in every single thing we say or do. We have testimonies to maintain, good news to proclaim to the world, and fellow Christians to edify and encourage. So what should a Christian do with social media?


  • Social Media: Resources for Christians
    How can we fulfill Philippians 4:8 in every social media situation? While man’s words never compare to God’s, other people can help us see modern applications for timeless biblical principles. Such as, how Philippians 4:8 applies to spending time on Pinterest or chatting on Twitter.


  • 3 Steps to Spend More Time with God
    Simply wanting a more intimate relationship with God, isn’t enough to make it happen. At least, not on a regular basis. Simply wanting to spend more time with God, isn’t enough to make prayer and quality time in His Word a daily habit. How do you make your desire to spend quality time with Him into a reality?


  • How to Keep a Blessings Book
    However you choose to do it, a blessings book is a great way to chronicle God’s goodness throughout the year. It can be a comforting thing to look back at, especially during dry or difficult seasons. And it can serve as a faithful reminder to be thankful every single day.


  • Practical Humility
    Humility is more than just a state of mind: it is a way of living. It does begin in the heart, and it does develop in the mind. But humility is practiced and matured outwardly. It is lived out on a very practical level, through our daily actions and interactions. So what does that look like?


  • Love Is Not Irritable
    Once irritation is rooted in your heart, it thrives like a weed, that keeps coming back no matter how many times you try to kill it. So how do you get rid of it? The only answer is to kill it at its source. And its source is the antithesis of love.


  • Book Review: The Mormonizing of America
    In his latest book, Stephen Mansfield delves into the history and traditions of Mormonism — and the pull that so many feel towards its structure. And I think it’s the best thing I’ve read about the Mormon religion in the past ten years. But why am I recommending a book about Mormonism on a blog about Christianity?


  • Touching the Hem: a Biblical Response to Physical Suffering
    As humans, we are bound to suffer physical affliction on this earth. But as Christians, how should we respond to that affliction? Faced with my own long-term illness, I began studying these things out for myself. This book is the fruit of that study.


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