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Disclaimer: this is not the normal, meaty, Christian living sort of post. It’s a blog-centered post. There are a few tidbits I need to share with you all, but I keep putting it off… so here goes.

Facebook Needs Help

Could you all help me out with something? Lately it seems like only 20-30 people have been seeing my Facebook posts – and I know, I’m partly at fault for not posting frequently enough.  But the fewer people who see my posts, the less Facebook will allow them to show up in your news feeds. So what can you do?

  • If you haven’t “liked” the Facebook page, go ahead and do that now (pretty please?) — click here.
  • If you’ve already “liked” the page,visit the page and make sure “following” is selected (near the “like” box). Otherwise you’ll miss most of what I share.
  • If you’ve already followed the page, please “like” the posts you see in your news feed! It only takes a second, and it’s virtually painless for you, but it would be a tremendous help — because that’s the only way Facebook knows that a page’s posts are worth showing. So the more “likes” something has, the more it will show up in other people’s news feeds (as long as they’ve already liked the page). Of course, you could also comment or share the post instead — any interaction helps — but “liking” is faster and easier!  

Alternatives to Facebook

If you are not on Facebook, or if you just don’t check it that frequently… consider these other alternatives to keep up with the blog (and me!).

  • Subscribe by email here. If you just want the latest posts, but don’t feel like interacting anywhere else, this is the ideal solution. You only get new posts the day (or morning after) they publish. I never spam anyone or share email addresses anywhere.
  • Follow me on Twitter here. I find myself sharing more frequently over there, then I do on Facebook, and my posts always go out several times the day they’re published.
  • Subscribe to the RSS feed here.

Blog Updates

I love writing long meaty posts with lots of stuff to think about… but sometimes it’s just not feasible. And some seasons don’t really allow that kind of time or mental concentration. Plus, I have a feeling that some of you don’t have much time to read 1000 word posts every day! 😉 So, I plan to continue trying to write something in-depth most weeks, like I’ve been doing the past few months. But I also want to start sharing short quotes or insights — maybe only a paragraph or two, but something to chew on throughout the day. Sound good?

Also, don’t forget about your goals for 2014! We’ll be doing a goals check-in around the beginning of April. So here’s a heads-up to stay faithful and keep plugging away at everything!

Finally, I would like to open up the blog for guests posts about your favorite heroes of the faith. It could be someone from the Bible, or a missionary, or just some notable Christian who we’d benefit from knowing. We all have heroes, right? So why not share one of yours? Guidelines are simple: 400-800 words, with a short bio, photo of you, and relevant image (if possible). Email me for more details here, or click here to send a secure message.


And stay tuned for Thursday’s post… an exciting announcement is coming! 🙂


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