Captivated with the Cross

How long has it been since you’ve gazed at the cross? Not just glanced, in the middle of singing a hymn; or simply acknowledged, in the middle of conversation — but really, truly GAZED?

How long since you’ve wept over the total abandonment shoved upon the holy Messiah? Or ached for the betrayal He willingly accepted? Or been crushed by the weight of sin that sentenced Him to death?

Jesus died for you.

And sadly, we get used to hearing that.

It doesn’t take long after the moment of salvation for that to become “old news.” We’ve heard it so many times that we can recite the story in our sleep, as it were.

We fail to remember just how marvelous, how wonderful, is our Savior’s love for us — love that offer forgiveness to the most wretched sinners; love that chooses the most vile of men to become companions of the holy God; love that buys back what was stolen by the enemy, not with cheap coin but with the blood of God’s only Son.

He paid the price, because we couldn’t.

And we forget. 

We forget how miraculous that death was — for God Himself to become one of His created being, the perfect Master taking on the decrepit broken form; for God Himself to sacrifice of Himself, to rescue a humanity that doesn’t realize its immanent death.

And we ignore it.

Because who wants to meditate on such a bloody sacrifice? Who wants to remember where we should be headed — an eternity of darkness, without any hope and void of God’s presence? Who wants to gaze on that angry wrath that would otherwise consume us?

We speak so much of love, love, love… and yet I doubt we understand what love truly is. If we did, we could never ignore the story of Calvary. If we did, we could never forget its shame or reproach. If we did, we could never be untouched by its glory.

Do you see the problem yet?
Do you realize how infrequently you are truly captivated by the mystery of the cross?*

Maybe you aren’t captivated, because you’ve never really understood what happened on the cross. Maybe you don’t know why it should matter to you. Or maybe you’ve simply never heard the whole story. Oh friend, don’t you realize that God Himself died for you!? 

Won’t you take a moment to discover who He is, and why He loves you so much?

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