Links Worth Reading (4/15)

Links Worth Reading

 Are You a Good Listener?

“Listening is one of the easiest things you’ll ever do, and one of the hardest.” It is an art, but also a discipline. It requires patience, love, and wisdom, and seeks to serve rather than to be served. But it takes effort… and practice. Good listening does not come easily, even to those introverts who naturally tend towards hearing rather than speaking. But it is well worth the hard work required to do it well!

“Good listening is a great means of grace in the dynamic of true Christian fellowship. Not only is it a channel through which God continues to pour his grace into our lives, but it’s also his way of using us as his means of grace in the lives of others. It may be one of the hardest things we learn to do, but we will find it worth every ounce of effort.” Read the rest here.

Morning by Morning

My friend (and sis-in-law!) started a blog recently to encourage those who may be struggling with infertility. She has shared some heart-rending accounts of her own struggles, and offers some powerful encouragement in this latest post: “Then He reminded me through that old hymn I have probably sung a thousand times before. If I had needed a child by now, He would have provided a child by now. I had to stop singing because of the lump in my throat. “ Read the rest here.

Worry? or Legitimate Concern?

Is worry a sin? The answer probably depends on who you ask… and how you define “worry.” If you’re referring to common-sensical concerns, such as being prepared for severe weather or job loss or flat tires, then probably not. But if you’re thinking of anxiety attacks and losing sleep and being consumed with those concerns, then most likely you’re not thinking the way God wants you to think.

So when is it okay to be concerned? “When the object is other people’s needs, this word is commended. When the object is myself, my needs, my circumstances, it is prohibited. Legitimate care or concern becomes inappropriate worry and anxiety when it turns inward and focuses on me.” Read the rest here.

24 Things to Pray

“We don’t pray enough. We don’t pray earnestly. Often, we don’t even pray. We are all but sleeping-spiritually and figuratively, if not physically (during our prayer times).” It’s so easy to sleep when we should be praying, isn’t it? Because prayer takes work. It requires mental effort and physical concentration. It’s simple, but it’s not necessarily easy. So what’s the solution? Get busy praying — and take some cues from Scripture on what to be praying about. Here’s a helpful list get you started.


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  1. That prayer app looks like a wonderful tool. I hope I can download it on my Kindle. Thank you for sharing about the missionary care packages. May others that read it want to bless a missionary in a similar way.

    1. You are so welcome, Debbie!

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