Putting Things Into Practice

It’s been quiet here this summer. I’ve taken some much needed time away from writing to rest, reflect, and replenish my inkwell of ideas… and to simply enjoy some real life moments. But I’ve also been mulling over some ideas for new series and fresh post topics!

I want this blog to be a tool for spiritual growth (yours and mine). That’s why I write about what God’s been teaching me, new perspectives He’s showing me, and lessons I’m learning as I mature spiritually. That’s why I prefer to focus on primarily spiritual things, rather than lifestyle or health or recipes.

But there’s one particular topic I keep returning to, over and over — knowing God more intimately.

I love seeing friends get excited about knowing more of God’s Word. I enjoy learning about new ways to memorize, or keep prayer journals, or practice intercession. I can’t say enough about the priority of communing with Him, day and night, and the power of prayer.

Knowing God must be our highest priority!

Nothing is more important in this life, and nothing will be more important in the next life. The dual disciplines of prayer and Bible reading are not the only things that help us know Him better, but they are certainly at the very foundation of that pursuit. We cannot grow apart from them.

And you are likely already convinced of that. If you call yourself a Christian, then you probably already rank “alone time with God” as one of your top priorities. But putting it into regular practice might be another story. Theory is easy — practice isn’t.

So how can I focus more on helping you (and myself) act on what you believe?

Perhaps a series of practical tips might be helpful.

Tips like…

  • ways to intercede for various groups and needs (salvation, missions, marriage, illness, faith, etc)
  • ways to keep your devotional time fresh, enjoyable, and focused
  • ways to keep a prayer journal
  • ways to incorporate praise into your day
  • ways to retain more from your daily Bible reading
  • ways to study God’s Word more in depth

And so on.

I’m starting with a regular series about how to intercede for different groups and needs.

I’ll share a list every 1-2 weeks with specific ways to pray for a certain category or situation. For instance: 5 ways to pray for your church (give leaders wisdom, prepare people’s hearts, unite people together in knowledge and love, etc). Or: 5 ways to pray for persecuted Christians (courage to stand for Christ, furtherance of the gospel, peace in God’s sovereignty, etc).

I think it would be helpful. It’s hard sometimes to know exactly how to pray for others in various situations, other than those we live with or fellowship with regularly. But if we could share specific ideas with each other, maybe it would provoke us all to intercede more faithfully and more thoroughly. And it will offer a chance for us to fellowship in prayer together (albeit virtually), if we share our prayers or additional ways to pray in the comments!

I also plan to write about some of the other practical ideas listed above, with the focus of inspiring all of us to know God more intimately and to spend time with Him more faithfully. Because nothing is more important!

What do you think? Would a series like this be helpful for you?

If you have any suggestions for posts in this vein — or want to offer a guest post of your own — I’d would love to hear from you! 🙂



2 thoughts on “Putting Things Into Practice

  1. I’m trying to get back into a blogging routine now that we have returned to the states. I look forward to your series.

    1. Thanks Debbie! I’ve been praying for a smooth re-entry and clear direction for whatever God wants you guys to do next!

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