10 Ways to Pray for Students

Another school year has begun, and students and teachers all across America are buckling down and praying for a good year. 

I know I am! Not only is my husband entering his final year of seminary (Lord willing!), but I’m beginning my own seminary journey as well. I’m excited about working towards fulfilling a dream, and nervous about going back to school, and curious to see how I’ll learn and grow through my classes.

I covet your prayers — as does every other student you know.

Maybe someone in your own family is going back to school, perhaps a friend of yours is in college, or possibly your friends have children in school. Or maybe you’re a teacher, and have a whole classroom full of students to teach and lead this year.

Whether you’re a parent, a teacher, or just a friend, you can support them by offering encouragement and understanding. You can be empathetic towards their challenges and opportunities. You can share perspective when they are willing to listen.

And you can pray for those students in your life.

 10 Ways to Pray for Students

Here’s 10 ways to pray for students this year:

1. Pray for focus. Pray that whatever else is happening in the student’s life (family stress, physical challenges, or everyday distractions) would not distract from their purpose this school year: to pay attention and learn. Pray that they would learn to weed out distractions and set their mind to concentrate on the subject at hand.

2. Pray for physical health. Pray that God would protect them from illness and injury this year. Pray that their bodies would remain strong and capable of carrying the stress of school for another nine months.

3. Pray for times of rest. Pray that students would get the sleep they need each night, so their minds will be alert and able to retain knowledge. Pray for them to have restful breaks on weekends and holidays, so their bodies and minds might be renewed and energized.

4. Pray for spiritual growth. Pray that each students would learn more about God this year, no matter what their age or where they go to school. Pray that they would grow to know and love Him more deeply. Pray that they would be a testimony of His truth and love to those around them.

5. Pray for spiritual wisdom. Pray that they would grow in understanding spiritual truths, and learn how to apply those truths to their own lives. Pray that they would handle each new relationship, each new situation, with insight and understanding.

6. Pray for spiritual mentors. Pray that God would provide someone for each student to learn from spiritually. Pray that mature Christians would see opportunities to teach less-mature Christians, and pray that the less-mature Christians would be quick to listen and learn.

7. Pray for their instructors. Pray for them to have the wisdom and strength they need to teach and mentor every student. Pray that they would have compassion and fairness toward each student in their class. Pray for the student-teacher relationships to be open, honest, and mutually beneficial.

8. Pray for integrity. Pray that students would resist any temptation to cheat or break the rules. Pray that they would do their work honestly, and be worthy of trust in every interaction and assignment.

9. Pray for academic learning. Pray that their minds would be alert and able to retain new information. Pray that they would be willing to ask for help when they struggle — and that teachers and parents would be able to help. Pray that they will learn what they need, not just for a grade but for life itself.

10. Pray for character growth. Pray that this time of learning would enable them to mature in spirit and conviction. Pray that they would handle each day and each challenge with wisdom and grace.


What else would you add to this list? 

Do you have students in your family? Share their first names and their grade/year, so we can pray for them together!

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2 thoughts on “10 Ways to Pray for Students

  1. Mr. M and I attend as mentor staff a college Bible study that meets on the secular campus of a well-known L.A. university. These kids are bombarded daily with secular and Godless philosophies, and they face all kinds of challenges as they seek to live for Christ in the hostile culture.

  2. Sounds like you have some great opportunities to minister – and a great responsibility to pray for those kids!

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