5 Ways to Pray for Election Day

Tuesday is election day. Are you planning to vote?

I’m not going to get into the politics of it all, but I will say this about voting: We will never have a perfect leader here on earth until Christ establishes His millennial kingdom. Remember the stories of Israel’s kings? Even the best of them (David, Solomon) committed terrible sins! So stop waiting for Mr. Perfect and simply choose the best of what we’ve got.

To choose nobody (aka, to choose not to vote) is to nod approval to the way things are going. And the way things are going is down the path of least resistance — declining morally and spiritually — because that is what depraved humanity does. Depravity is like a fire that spreads however and wherever it can, unless something blocks its path.

But standing up for what’s right, or voting for the best available choice, is like building a fire break. Even if it doesn’t stop the evil completely (and nothing will until Christ reigns supreme), it will at least weaken or slow it down. So do what you can to block the path of least resistance.

Edmund Burke said, “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”

So do something. Be a light, a voice, a prayer. It only takes one light to make darkness un-dark, only one voice to make silence un-silent. tweet this

And James 5 tells us that “the prayer of righteous person has great power as it is working.” It only takes one faithful, fervent pray-er to make an eternal difference. tweet this

So how can you pray effectively for this year’s elections?

5 Ways to Pray for Election Day

1. Pray for our government. Pray that God’s name would be exalted even in the midst of unsaved officials. Pray for those who do know Christ to have courage, and to firmly stand for righteousness. Pray for wisdom as they consider current issues, and discernment to understand the root of each problem — not just the symptoms.

2. Pray for our voters. Pray for good people to stand up and do something. Pray for voters, even the unsaved, to discern between self-serving candidates who cater to comfort and others-focused candidates who truly want what’s best for our nation. Pray that they would vote for whoever would lead with integrity!

3. Pray for our churches. Pray for conviction and repentance in American believers, as we’ve become far too complacent and lethargic in our faith. Pray for courage and boldness to preach God’s truth openly and consistently. Pray for those who are starting to face persecution, to stand unwaveringly for God’s eternal, unchanging truth.

4. Pray for our adult generations. Pray that we would stop caring about “ME first,” and remember that we’re laying a foundation for the future. Pray that we would make political decisions that will keep our nation safe and morally upright for our descendants (whether we have children or not).

5. Pray for our world. Pray that we would not respond to global issues with ignorance, panic, or apathy — but that we would have wisdom to discern their long-lasting significance, especially as they relate to biblical prophecy. Pray that we would mature as a nation, and courageously stand as a firebreak in the path of evil.

How else can we pray for America?


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2 thoughts on “5 Ways to Pray for Election Day

  1. I always pray that the people of God-the true church in America-will stand apart from the rest of society–that there will be more of a distinction between believers and unbelievers. Basically, that believers will stand up and not be ashamed.

    1. Yes! We need to stand firm for truth, rather than trying to blend in with the ways of unbelievers. It will take some pain to get us there, I think, but it seems like we may be (gradually) waking up to that finally!

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