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First things first: download this FREE desktop background for a daily reminder to CHOOSE JOY. Because when you deliberately choose joy in your mind, your heart will follow — and when your heart follows, so do your words. And that, in turn, shares joy with others. JOY BEGETS JOY!

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Are you on Pinterest? Even when things are quieter on here and on Facebook, I am still sharing regularly on Pinterest! For instance, I frequently pin great articles about prayer and living with chronic illness, spiritually inspiring quotes, and thought provoking articles. If you prefer “fun” topics, I share those too! Interesting articles about personalities, book love, writing life, and tips for using essential oils. I love finding fresh content to share! Follow me here (and I will likely return the favor!).


I’ve been studying through the Book of Ruth lately, and have gleaned much from this 4-part series on RuthThere’s so much more to the book than just the love story between Ruth and Boaz — so much depth and meaning to every single detail that is included in these four short chapters. In fact, I read in the course of my study that the German author Goethe called the Book of Ruth the “loveliest complete work on a small scale,” and John MacArthur even said that “What Venus is statuary and the Mona Lisa is to paintings, Ruth is to literature.”  What do you think? 


Spring is a great time to renew your fitness goals, and this low impact, high intensity workout might help. I always feel a rush of adrenaline as the days get brighter and warmer, and find any excuse possible to get outside and walk. But spring also means a lot of rain. Those are the days I stay inside, and do something like this. It’s easy on the joints but it certainly gets your heart rate up!


This article on Renewing Your Mind is a great reminder to renew our spiritual fitness goals too:  “Maybe you assume that because my blog is named Joy-Filled Days, that I am naturally a half-glass full, Pollyanna type who always sees the good in everyone and everything. That is not true. You know from reading here that choosing joy is a choice I have to make, and by God’s grace I have. Maybe you didn’t know that I sometimes struggle with my thought life. Discouragement lurks in the corners of my heart, and I’m not alone in this struggle, and neither are you.” – Sarah Beals


This perspective on Do Your Laundry and Engage in Issues makes a vital connection between the typical woman’s home-centered focus — and the events happening in the world at large:  “It’s easy for me to see why many women who are busy at home and at work simply don’t feel they have the capacity to add things like worrying about the issues of today. But I’d like to encourage you to engage, and not just engage but press in on what’s happening in areas like racial injustice and reconciliation, ISIS, and other current events. I have no desire to add to your burden. Instead, I’d like to provide reasons why you might get involved without taking time away from what you are already doing.” – Trillia Newbell


Finally…. if you’re on Facebook, you might have seen my recent post about dealing with insomnia. I am actually working on a short ebook that provides spiritual and practical tips for getting better sleep. I was diagnosed with chronic insomnia in 2006, though I suffered from it for several years before that, and decided to compile all the reading & experimenting I’ve done since into a helpful resource for others. It seems like the most common physical complaint these days is insomnia, so hopefully it will be a big help to many of you.

What are YOUR best tips for getting better sleep?

Share your tip in the comments — and it might end up in my ebook!


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