Inspiration, Creativity, and Using Your Talents

I watched a webinar with Michael Hyatt a while back about writing and getting published, and something he said stuck with me:

“Inspiration doesn’t show up until you do. Be consistent.”

Tolkien said it another way:

“It’s the job that’s never started that takes the longest to finish.”

And here’s how my boss, Becky Robinson, says it:

“The magic happens when you show up.”

Another way to think of it is: creativity breeds creativity. The more you write (or design, or implement, or whatever your hobby is), the easier it will become. In other words, as difficult as it is for creative-types to acknowledge, art requires discipline.

You have to show up consistently to make progress toward your goals. Not only that, but not showing up is essentially wasting the ideas and talents that God has given you! 

You are a steward of those ideas. You are a steward of the skills and abilities He’s given you.

But if you aren’t using them, are you any better than the servant who hid his talent in the ground because he was afraid it would be lost or stolen?

If you hide your talents away because you’re afraid to try — afraid it won’t be perfect, or afraid you’ll look foolish, or afraid it won’t measure up to someone’s standards — are you any different?

Anyway, all these thoughts have been rumbling around in my head and — though the summer is always busy — when fall comes, I’m ready to buckle down and show upBut I need a reminder. Because, like every other human on this planet, I tend toward doing what’s easy rather than what’s profitable.

So I created a desktop wallpaper to keep it in the forefront of my mind. Every time I log onto my computer, I see it. Every time I close my browser window, I see it. It reminds me to show up and write, or design, or implement ideas — because while the first 50 ideas may not be great, I’ll never discover idea #51 if I don’t keep showing up, generating ideas (good or bad) day after day. I’ll never write a bestseller if I don’t write something every day. 


Want it for yourself? Download the full version here.

In other news, in the spirit of showing up more consistently, I’m dusting off my long-forgotten newsletter and giving it a much needed makeover. I’m excited about the changes I’ve made and look forward to sharing regular encouragement, motivation, and recommendations with you!

If you haven’t subscribed yet, sign up here! You don’t want to miss the first edition of Newsletter 2.0, coming to inboxes near you this Saturday! 


Question: what motivates you to keep “showing up”?


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