Too Busy to Pray?

Learning to Pray

How have you been lately? Wait, let me guess… busy, right?

Seems like we’re all running crazy, trying to cram far more in a day than can reasonably fit within 24 hours. Between family schedules, work requirements, church commitments, medical appointments, and connecting with friends, our spare time is at a minimum.

When that happens, we start thinking about what we can let go. And the first things to go are usually the disciplines that require consistent time and energy, but little or no participation from others – things like exercise, healthy eating, Bible study, prayer time.

But prayer is not just “one more thing” to on your to-do list — it is the foundation of your list!

Martin Luther once wrote: “I have so much to do that I shall have to spend the first three hours in prayer.”

Prayer quiets the heart and calms the mind. It places everything in God’s hands and lets Him lead. Conversing with God on the heart-level calms anxiety and soothes concern.

It offers a less busy heart. 

How about you — are you too busy to pray?

Or too busy to not pray?

Whatever you’re doing right now — whatever you’re about to do — just stop.

Stop and pray.

Take a moment to pour your heart out before the throne of grace.

Lay your burdens down and let the tears flow freely.

Stop trying to control everything, and give your heart and your desires back to the One who created them. Surrender your day to His leading. Put everything in His capable hands — and leave it all there.

Take time to breathe in the beauty of His presence. Let the joy swell up in your heart and offer Him praise from the depths of your soul.

You are too busy not to pray.



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