We’re Going On A (Western) Adventure!

Remember when I shared a personal appeal to pray for missionaries? And then I wrote about the events from my high school and college years that led up to the beginning of our missionary journey?

Well it’s finally officially happening! To paraphrase a famous hobbit: “We’re going on an adventure!” Ours just happens to head west to the Rocky Mountains, instead of east to the Lonely Mountain.

At the end of this month, we’re headed to Wyoming! 

Not that I’m excited or anything… 🙂

I'm going on an adventure! - Bilbo Baggins

Over the past two months, things have been happening fast and furiously. My husband had been looking for a work-from-home job that would allow flexibility with traveling, relocating, and the unpredictable schedule of being a missionary-pastor. The Lord provided a programming job that’s right up his alley, which will provide enough to pay the bills and help finance the move out there.

Once that job was secured, we contacted our missions board director to discuss internship locations. The internship will not only help us get acclimated to both climate and culture, it will also provide us a year of dedicated learning and growing under a current church-planting pastor and will (hopefully) serve as final confirmation that God is truly calling us to settle and serve in that region. It may be in the good ol’ USA, but like any other foreign field, it is hostile to the Gospel and will not likely welcome us with open arms. We do firmly believe it is where God has called us to evangelize and minister — but of course, we are human, and human error is a legitimate thing! 🙂 The internship should help confirm that sense of calling for us, our missions board, and any supporting churches or individuals.

With those considerations in mind, we ended up talking with a pastor of a small church in a little town in southwestern Wyoming. After a few conversations with both the pastor and his wife, and some dedicated prayer time, we decided to plan on heading to Kemmerer, Wyoming for our one-year internship. It’s a small town — population is less than 3K — but they have the basic necessities including the most critical medical care for me, a grocery store, local pharmacy, library, and 2 pizza places. (The important stuff, right?)

The church is small but has been around for over a dozen years — in fact, my husband visited there on his missions trip in 2003 — and there’s plenty of opportunities for both of us to be involved in serving on Sundays and throughout the week, in both the church and in the community. It’s also close enough to Logan that we can make day trips over there every few weeks to familiarize ourselves with the area and hopefully start establishing contacts there. I’ll also be establishing most of my more specialized doctors there, to have continuity once our internship is finished and we can (hopefully) settle in Logan.

I’m super excited to share that we’ll be moving the last week of April! We’ve got just about 3 weeks left to pack everything up, load it on a Uhaul truck, and begin the long trek across the country. I’m thankful to have some friends along the way that we’ll be able to stay with… including my best friend from college whom I haven’t seen in over a decade!

We do still have some details to figure out, and if you’ve ever moved across state lines, you know some of the challenges we’re facing. Here’s some of the specific hurdles we still have to jump:

  • finding pet-friendly housing in Kemmerer
  • transferring mail, doctors, prescriptions, insurance, etc
  • financial provision for the move (moving truck, travel expenses, security deposit for housing, etc)
  • physical energy needed to pack everything up
  • continued medical stability for both of us
  • wisdom in planning final details and clarity to remember it all!

I would greatly appreciate your prayers for us and for the community where we’ll be ministering. Pray that we would be a blessing and encouragement to the pastor and local church, and that we would both find many opportunities to learn and grow during this time. Pray that God would work through us to spread the light of His truth!

Pray for Laborers

We are working to get a website set up for our ministry updates, and will have an official newsletter to go along with that. In the meantime, if you’d like to stay updated on how we’re doing, send me an email or Facebook message with your best email address, and I will add you to our missions update list! Note: this is different than the DFD newsletter.

I am so excited to see how God will continue writing our story! Every detail that has come together has been completely in His perfect way and time — usually before we even tried to figure it out ourselves — and we’ve received confirmation over and over again that this is the path God wants us to walk right now.

When we let HIM write the story, the adventure is truly amazing!


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  1. Excited for you all! It’s amazing to see how God answers prayer 🙂 Will be praying for you both!

    1. Thanks so much Kim! I appreciate it very much. 🙂

  2. Wow talk about exciting!! What an awesome adventure – Will say prayers for God’s continued blessings!

    1. Thanks so much for the prayers!

  3. […] trips over there to develop contacts and really get to know the area better. God continues to strengthen our burden for that area of […]

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