What Truly Matters about This Year’s Election

My heart is heavy as I consider tomorrow’s election. Whatever the result, our nation will suffer. We are being torn apart year by year as we fight our way to subduing the opposing parties. I can’t think of a single friend who is truly happy about how things have progressed in this election.

Even those who stand firmly behind a particular candidate have expressed frustration at some of that candidate’s actions and attitudes… never mind the interchange between staunch supporters of the two main candidates and the problems inherent in the parties themselves. Those who dislike the winning candidate will point fingers at whoever voted for him/her, and blame those who chose not to vote for “their” candidate. Those who are pleased with the results will probably grumble about how others made it so difficult, and blame people they don’t agree (read: Christians) for all the problems that crop up after their candidate takes the Oath of Office in January.

What more can I add to what has already been said across the blogosphere, social networks, family discussions, and media firestorms? I refuse to name names, point fingers, or call you to vote a particular way (although I do encourage you to actually vote, since we each own that hard-won privilege in America).

I do, however, have a few things on my heart that I want to share…

What Truly Matters about This Year’s Election

First, pray for America.

Whether you’re a US citizen who’s voting in this election, or a citizen of some other country who happens to read this blog, please pray for this country. As I wrote a few years ago:

The way things are going is down the path of least resistance — declining morally and spiritually — because that is what depraved humanity does. Depravity is like a fire that spreads however and wherever it can, unless something blocks its path. But standing up for what’s right, or voting for the best available choice, is like building a fire break. Even if it doesn’t stop the evil completely (and nothing will until Christ reigns supreme), it will at least weaken or slow it down. So do what you can to block the path of least resistance.

Edmund Burke said, “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” So do something. Be a light, a voice, a prayer. It only takes one light to make darkness un-dark, only one voice to make silence un-silent. And James 5 tells us that “the prayer of righteous person has great power as it is working.” It only takes one faithful, fervent pray-er to make an eternal difference.

America needs some focused, passionate intercession on her behalf. Not just prayers for “your candidate” to win the election, but prayers for the direction we’re heading in general. Prayers for truth to triumph over corruption and deception. Prayers for Christians to stand unwaveringly for God’s truth in their homes, their communities, and their workplaces. Prayers for God to allow a divine work of repentance throughout our churches and families.

Find more ideas of how to pray here and here.

Second, trust in God’s plan.

Whatever the outcome this week, there is One who will not be surprised. He is the only One whose desires never change, whose plans are never thwarted, who cannot be swayed by media hype and government corruption. And it is in HIM that our hope must lie… not in our favorite candidate, not in who might run four years from now, not even in how we can survive the coming onslaught of changes.

Do not place your hopes in some human who is destined to fail. After all, death comes to all. The day we die, our plans are done. Finished. Never to be heard from again. So do not trust in any man (or woman) to be some political savior and return America to her glory. Trust instead in the great unchanging I AM, whose purposes and ways are beyond human comprehension. Trust in the One who has all authority in heaven and in earth.

Choose not to be anxious. Instead, use that energy to bring every aspect of the elections before God in prayer. Do not worry, but pray with thanksgiving in your heart, because that is God’s will for you. Pray continually with earnest pleading and thanksgiving, according to the Holy Spirit’s leading. And trust God to answer in His perfect way.

He alone is God. He alone guides the course of a country, and the heart of an individual. He alone rules over all… man or woman, parent or child, government or family, saved or unsaved.

And His ways are not our ways! What He has deemed good for His children may look nothing like our hopes or desires. What He has decided will most clearly exalt His name may look completely opposite from what we would imagine.

In God We Trust

We are responsible for our own actions, no matter what the course of the nation may be. We will give account before God for our own faithfulness to obey His commands — not for the President, or the Senate, or the unsaved masses who are spiritually blinded.

So what truly matters this week? 

  • Whether we will pray for our country with the same fervor with which we discussed the election.
  • Whether we will humbly respect and love each other, even when we vehemently disagree.
  • Whether we will trust God’s plan for us as individuals, and as a nation, no matter what happens in the next four years.
  • Whether we will stand firm for God’s truth, whether we face greater persecution or unexpected freedom.

What truly matters, in light of eternity, is not so much who gets elected as the next US President, but how you and I will respond as ambassadors of Christ.


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