12 Great Books Any Valentine Will Love

Does anyone else struggle to know what to give on Valentine’s Day? I’m not really a “romantic” sort of person — I’d rather give (or receive) something nice but useful, like beautiful Scripture art or something for a favorite hobby, than chocolate or a stuffed bear. (Though I admit flowers are always nice, as long as you’re not allergic!) I’d rather share a gift that will truly benefit the person than just another dust-collector, something that will bring them pleasure and offer help in some way.

Books are always a great gift idea, no matter what the occasion or recipient. They’re useful and practical, with a dash of optimism — offering hope or help, comfort or camaraderie, adventure or assistance. Even better, they’re one of the few gifts that can be given to anyone of any gender, at any age, in any level of acquaintance, from coworker to good friend to spouse.

So, with Valentine’s Day coming up soon, I thought a book gift guide might be in order. It doesn’t matter whether your valentine is a parent, a child, a friend, or a spouse . . . here are a few great book ideas that will show you care and want the best for your loved one. (Disclaimer: contains affiliate links.)

12 Great Books Any Valentine Will Love

Books to encourage them spiritually:

Books to offer hope and comfort:

Books to show your ongoing support:

What books would you love to give (or receive) this Valentine’s Day?


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