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Life lately has seemed to fly by! Summer always goes quickly, and this year was no exception. Of course, we packed in a TON of activity — church ministries, VBS, business trips for James, deputation trips, hiking, and I don’t even remember what else! But fall is my favorite season, so I’m happy to see the calendar changing. Fall in Wyoming means cooler temps (it’s already in the low 40s most nights), fewer wildfires, and usually a few light snow flurries! What is like where you live?

Fall also feels like a great time to re-evaluate goals and routines, and I’ve been doing a lot of that lately. I made the hard decision recently to put a few goals on hold for a while . . . if not permanently. I was excited about learning to run again, but my joints didn’t seem too happy with the idea, so I decided better safe than sorry later on. I’ve also been wrestling with whether to continue writing my book on Proverbs and social media. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to find anyone interested in publishing it, and every single word has been an absolute struggle to write. So I’m putting it on the shelf for a little while — though some of the content may show up on the blog from time to time!

Here’s what else has been going on the past few months  . . .

Life Lately

Bible Reading Listening

I started listening my way through the Bible (using this plan) last month. It’s harder to pay attention that way then by reading words on a page, but it lets me work through larger chunks of Scripture more quickly, which helps me make more connections and recognize the overall themes. Plus, it seems like you notice new details when you use a different sense to take things in — in this case, hearing the Word instead of always reading it. Right now I’m in Leviticus and noticing just how much God cares about the little details of things like dietary health, finances, and hygiene.

Noteworthy Books

I also read quite a few books throughout the summer. Here are the most noteworthy (contains affiliate links):

Biographical consideration of the life of Paul, based on New Testament records and extant sources about the land and culture in Paul’s day. Very detailed and well-researched, although I wish there had been more footnotes for original sources (or speculations) of various facts. But it was interesting to read, and helpful in connecting Paul’s journeys with his epistles and interpersonal relationships. I understand the historical background of his writings much better now!


Very readable overview of the major councils, creeds, confessions, and catechisms in Christian history. Covered basic definitions and distinctions between the terms, then explored about a dozen of the most influential, discussing their historical contexts, major characters involved, key doctrines, and ongoing relevance. Although I’ve read several books on church history which covered each of these councils or documents, I found this to be the most understandable and relatable. I highly recommend it for anyone who wants to know more about how our beliefs have developed over the centuries!


I love historical fiction, especially when it covers well-known events from unfamiliar perspectives. Like this book, which takes place in Germany in December 1943, and considers what would have happened if a German dissenter had met an American airman. It was haunting and intriguing, and I think I read it in about two nights. Don’t be put off by the male/female storyline — it’s not really a romance, although (spoiler alert) they do end up in a relationship at the very end. But the main body of the story is filled with intrigue, history, and the possibilities of second chances. If you liked The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society or  All the Light We Cannot See, you’ll like this book too!


This was a hard book to read, but I’m glad I did! Part current(ish) events, part memoir, it’s a true account of a woman forced into marriage (as wife #4 of many more) to a prominent member of the polygamist cult in Colorado City, and how she eventually fought her way to freedom. Her story is heartrending, especially learning what she suffered as one of the “sister wives” and how little influence she had over her own children. But even more astounding is the lasting effect her actions had on arresting Warren Jeffs in 2007, and providing a precedent for helping other fleeing women gain full custody of their children. Recommended, but with caution as it contains some details of violence/abuse.

View the rest of my latest reads on Goodreads.

New Facebook Group

Did you get an invitation to my new Facebook group? If not, join here. It’s a place for the DFD community to share ideas, recommendations, motivation, and prayer . . . and it’s off to a great start! I’m looking forward to lots of fellowship and encouragement with everyone!

All Things Are Possible | Hand-Lettered Print by

Thought to Ponder

I’ve had a few breakthroughs recently with my creative lettering, and am excited to be making lots of progress right now! The biggest thing I’m learning? Master the basics, but then simply be yourself. Figure out what appeals to you, and then do that. Don’t be afraid to be different. Turns out, that might be just what people want to see! It’s tempting to try and copy how the “pros” do things . . . but cookie cutter mindsets end up losing in the end. It’s the unique individuals who make a real difference in others’ lives! Connect with me on Instagram to see more of my recent creations, and check out my newest piece in the shop here.

Your turn! What have you been reading . . . listening to . . . pondering lately?

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