Focusing on Faithfulness in 2019

Did you choose a “word” or set goals for this year? I can never settle on just one or the other, so once again I did a combination of both.

There are a few things I hope to see accomplished this year — such as weaning completely off prednisone; moving to our mission field; and generating regular income from art sales. I also want to lose weight, grow stronger both physically and spiritually, build deeper relationships, and continue learning through books and online classes.

However, while I need to put in the work on all of those, some of them are technically beyond my control. Like how many art sales God provides, when He directs us to move, or how He allows my body to respond to the changes in medication.

Instead of stressing about the things beyond my control, I’m focusing instead on faithfulness.

Faithfulness, to me, means remaining steadfast and consistent despite hurdles and hiccups. It means being persistent in building good habits and fighting bad habits. It means being disciplined in the little things, so that eventually you’ll accomplish the big things.

Whatever good things I’m doing, I want to keep doing. Whatever bad habits I’ve been trying to stop, I want to keep trying to stop. Whatever skills I’m learning or dreams I’m pursuing, I want to keep walking in the right direction so that — however slow it may be — I’ll keep moving towards the desired goal.

Faithfulness in the Small Things |

While faithfulness is an all-of-life quality — meaning, it applies equally to every area of our lives — I’ve narrowed my focus to six specific areas in which I need to maintain faithfulness this year.

  • Faithfulness in Spiritual Growth: spiritual disciplines such as reading / listening through the Bible chronologically; meditating on and reciting Scripture from each day’s reading; journaling insights from that meditation time; practicing daily and in-the-moment intercession; and praying together regularly with my husband
  • Faithfulness in Physical Stewardship: maintaining healthy habits such as walking 5000+ steps daily; adding regular strength training routines; drinking 2-3 liters water daily; limiting sugary or carb-based snacks; and learning more about nutrition and physiology
  • Faithfulness in Pursuing Wisdom & Understanding: including regular (personal) Bible study on a weekly basis; watching quality online courses about health, fitness, business, or hobbies; reading a selection of quality nonfiction & fiction (approximately 1 book per week); and continuing to learn more about church history and hand-lettering
  • Faithfulness in Professional Responsibilities: giving my best attention at my online digital marketing job; utilizing a small feedback group to move my art business forward; investing in helpful resources to improve skill, product quality, and customer communication; researching and fine-tuning my pricing structure and shipping rates; and revising my website homepage to reflect the dual focus of art + devotionals
  • Faithfulness in Creative Opportunities: producing quality commissioned work, gifts; creating regular holiday collections for the DFD shop; writing 2-3 blog posts per month, including more art meditations and tutorials; learning more about color theory, art / design software, and painting techniques; and creating unique Scripture-themed pieces for sale
  • Faithfulness in Personal Influence: sharing more of my research on Proverbs and social media; hosting monthly #LetterforHisGlory challenges on Instagram; maintaining the DFD Community group; continuing to create and send hand-lettered birthday cards; and being more personal in communicating both on social media and in real life

Of course, to make of any these things happen, I need SMART goals — tasks that are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound. I’m working through all those details on paper, with a GOALS worksheet that I recently created. I’m still fine-tuning that, as well as working on creating a personal planner, and hope to share it with you later this year!

I’m also looking for a few individuals to participate in a feedback group, to help me determine the best designs and products for the DFD shop. If you’re interested in offering honest, thoughtful, actionable feedback — let me know and I’ll add you to the private Facebook group. [Side note: there may be free downloads involved!]

What word or goals have you chosen for 2019?


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3 thoughts on “Focusing on Faithfulness in 2019

  1. Excellent post. I shared it to one of my Facebook pages. I said, “I truly was blessed by this post which I found to be fairly comprehensive concerning areas of personal growth that I belive would benefit us all, if we were to implement them. I also find it a bit challenging, tugging me towards what I too hope to accomplish….in Christ.

    1. Thanks Sheldon! I really appreciate that encouragement. 🙂 May the Lord help us both to be faithful in the little things this year!

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