A Christmas Meditation on Joy

I just love the word JOY, don’t you? Especially at Christmas! The lights that sparkle, the festive decorations, the jolly moods and giving spirits . . . it feels like the whole world is filled to the brim with gladness!

Of course, we know that true joy is the privilege of the redeemed alone. True joy is a byproduct of our new nature in Christ, a fruit of the Spirit, and the result of a right relationship with God. But we can exult and savor the glimpses of joy that all humanity demonstrates as they reflect the image of their Creator!

Have you ever thought of Him as a joyful God?

A Christmas Meditation on Joy - DogFurandDandelions.com

Did you know that various forms of the words JOY and REJOICE occur around 500 times in the Bible?

The exact numbers varies depending on which translation you use. But in the English Standard Version, for instance….

Joy and its various forms appear 203 times.
Enjoy and its various forms appear 27 times.
Rejoice and its various forms appear 223 times.

That’s not even counting synonyms like: delight (106 times), pleasant (33 times), pleasure (45 times), cheer (18 times), jubilee (22 times), happy/happiness (10 times), glad (147 times), and laugh (44 times).

All total, those words alone occur almost 900 times — not counting other synonyms or larger passages that discuss the quality of joy without actually calling it by name!

A Christmas Meditation on Joy - DogFurandDandelions.com

As Christians, we can know a purer, fuller joy then the world can ever understand!

Joy that is worth every ounce of happiness the world can offer.
Joy that is found only in God’s presence.
Joy that strengthens and comforts and heals.
Joy of repentance. Joy of salvation. Joy of the Spirit.
Joy that walks hand in hand with righteousness, and bows in humble adoration before its Savior.
Joy that sustains and gives courage.
Joy of serving. Joy of fellowship. Joy of unity.
Joy as a worthy pursuit and a happy reward for every faithful child of God.

And the source of all joy became flesh and dwelt among us, and we beheld His glory.

Let every heart prepare Him room, and heaven and nature sing!


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2 thoughts on “A Christmas Meditation on Joy

  1. Amen, good words. Just yesterday, as I led a memorial service for my best friend who’s now with the Lord, I had to draw strength from God, and with it came His joy that is not dependent on circumstances.

    1. Sheldon, I’m so sorry about the loss of your friend. Praise the Lord that His joy can be our strength in all circumstance – especially the hardest of all.

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