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Welcome!! I’m Elizabeth Johnson, the author and creator of DogFur & Dandelions. I was born in New England, lived in the South for a dozen years, and am now a proud resident of western Wyoming. My days are spent ministering with my pastor-husband, working part-time at a digital marketing agency, dabbling in creative pursuits like lettering and watercolor painting, teaching and playing the piano, and writing books and blog articles. I also love the color yellow, strong {black} coffee, mountain trails, long books, and anything that feeds my curiosity!

My greatest priority in life is loving and serving my Savior Jesus Christ, whom I have known since I was three. Although I was young, I firmly He believe adopted me into His family that day; however, it took many years for me to begin comprehending the ramifications of that adoption. And it was almost a dozen years later that I started living up to my identity in Christ, seeking to actively obey His commands rather than simply passively accept His promises. Read more about my miracle story here.

My second greatest priority is loving and respecting my husband well . . . although truthfully, it’s not that hard. He’s a pretty wonderful guy who daily displays Christ’s love to me in amazing ways! We’ve had a grand adventure ever since we started dating in college — from having a long-distance relationship, to chronic illness, military uncertainty, grad school, and a cross-country move. I happen to think our love story is pretty interesting, and you might too: read about how we met, started dating, got engaged, and finally married.

My final priority is being a good steward of what God has given me, not just in resources, but also in opportunities. One of those opportunities is being on a mission field! Yes, we are home-missionaries, called to help with church-planting in the intermountain west, a region steeped in the false doctrine of Mormonism. If you’re interested to know how that came about, you can read about my story here and here, and find current updates of our ministry here.

I’ve also had the opportunity to fight through an adventure with chronic illness. I was diagnosed in 2007, shortly before we were married. God has provided a great measure of improvement and healing since then, but I’m still very much affected by it in my daily life. I struggle with chronic fatigue, breathing problems, and medication-induced infertility, and will likely continue treatment for the rest of my life. It’s definitely been one of the hardest challenges of my life — but God is using it for good! For one thing, it’s provided me with ministries and perspectives I never would have experienced otherwise. Read more about life with chronic illness, and a biblical response to it.

Thanks for reading — and now I’d love to hear from you!

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6 thoughts on “Meet the Author

  1. So nice to connect Elizabeth…and I love the title and look of your blog…the Dogfur made me smile 🙂
    We’re out in Oregon…is that too far West? Maybe you could/should add it to the list 🙂
    We have several friends who are Army Chaplains…
    So encouraging to see your willingness to follow God’s leading.

    1. Thanks! Oregon is beautiful… but we prefer the other side of the Rockies 🙂 Will keep it in mind, though, as we pray for direction!

  2. Wow – another random tidbit? I was 3 when I accepted the Lord (I prayed by myself in my bedroom – vivid memories of it, then went to tell my mom, who wasn’t sure I really knew what I was doing and asked me to pray again, with her – many years later, she apologized for doubting me, but I understand!). Pretty cool, and several similarities in our stories. By the way, I went to Gordon College in Wenham, MA for my freshman year of college (before getting married). Small world.

    1. That is pretty cool! Yes, I know Gordon College. A few of my relatives have graduated from there… my family still lives in that area.

  3. HI Elizabeth,
    This is my first visit to your blog, which caught my eye because of your mention of tornadoes in SC. I live in Columbia, am a transplanted Yankee from RI, and am also married to a man in the ministry. He studied at Liberty University, and we’re praying about where he will next serve. Are you here at Ft. Jax in the chaplain’s school? We live very close to there and have met several friends as they’ve passed through. Funny how God’s big world isn’t quite so big with Jesus as our center, huh?

    1. Hey neighbor! 😉 Hubby has done some training at Ft Jackson but we actually live near Spartanburg. He is working on an M.Div at BJU Seminary right now. Thanks for stopping by Lori!

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