January 15, 2018

2017 Recap: A Year for the Books?

This past year was a year for the books, I think. From surviving our first Wyoming winter (which was not as bad we'd expected, although it was longer than we anticipated), to learning new skills and growing in ministry roles, discovering latent talents, exploring the west, and beginning our deputation adventures, 2017 has been full in every sense of the word! I discovered how fun it is to snow-shoe and hike in the Rockies, how enjoyable it can be to teach God's Word to children, and how much I absolutely LOVE doing art. I took another seminary class on my (long, drawn-out) quest to earn an M.A., tried watercolors for the first time (and loved it), practiced lettering on an almost-daily [...Read More]

Free Desktop Background & Other Tidbits

First things first: download this FREE desktop background for a daily reminder to CHOOSE JOY. Because when you deliberately choose joy in your mind, your heart will follow -- and when your heart follows, so do your words. And that, in turn, shares joy with others. JOY BEGETS JOY! >>>  Right-click and "Save as image," or click here to download.   Are you on Pinterest? Even when things are quieter on here and on Facebook, I am still sharing regularly on Pinterest! For instance, I frequently pin great articles about prayer and living with chronic illness, spiritually inspiring quotes, and thought provoking articles. If you prefer "fun" topics, I share those too! [...Read More]

Links Worth Reading (4/15)

Are You a Good Listener? "Listening is one of the easiest things you’ll ever do, and one of the hardest." It is an art, but also a discipline. It requires patience, love, and wisdom, and seeks to serve rather than to be served. But it takes effort... and practice. Good listening does not come easily, even to those introverts who naturally tend towards hearing rather than speaking. But it is well worth the hard work required to do it well! "Good listening is a great means of grace in the dynamic of true Christian fellowship. Not only is it a channel through which God continues to pour his grace into our lives, but it’s also his way of using us as his means of grace in the lives of others. [...Read More]

5 Ways to Get the Most Out of a Book-Signing

I had my first-ever book-signing this past Wednesday, for my book Touching the Hem. It was so great to meet some new friends (and see some old friends), hear some new stories of God's goodness, and be able to share more of my story with a few people. And it was super exciting to see my book advertised in posters, and hear it announced to a huge audience! It made it feel all official-like. :) While I enjoyed the time thoroughly, I made a few observations about what to do -- or not do -- at a book-signing. There were a few people who came by, who admitted that they'd never asked anyone to sign a book before. And then I thought... Why not share a few tips from an author's [...Read More]

Links Worth Reading (3/20)

Book Signing Announcement! If you live around Greenville, South Carolina (or have relatives in the area), you've probably heard about the annual Bible Conference at Bob Jones University. It's March 23-28, and this year you have an even better reason to come. Because your favorite author will be doing a book signing in the campus store, on Wednesday, March 26! I'll be there right after the morning service, from 11:30-12:30, and would love to meet new friends or say hi to old friends. Let me know if you'll be stopping by... and feel free to share this with any friends you have in the area! And now for some links worth reading... Unknown Heroes "In the scheme of things, you’re unknown. [...Read More]

Blog-Centered News

Disclaimer: this is not the normal, meaty, Christian living sort of post. It's a blog-centered post. There are a few tidbits I need to share with you all, but I keep putting it off... so here goes. Facebook Needs Help Could you all help me out with something? Lately it seems like only 20-30 people have been seeing my Facebook posts - and I know, I'm partly at fault for not posting frequently enough.  But the fewer people who see my posts, the less Facebook will allow them to show up in your news feeds. So what can you do? If you haven't "liked" the Facebook page, go ahead and do that now (pretty please?) -- click here. If you've already "liked" the page,visit the page and make sure [...Read More]

Love-worthy Links for Valentines Day

Just in time for Valentine's Day... a round-up of links to help you show love to God, your family, your spouse, and even your favorite bloggers {ahem}. And also a chocolate cake recipe, just for fun.Because what's a holiday without some form of chocolate? Send God a Valentine. Have you ever thought about sending God a valentine? After all, He is truly THE greatest Lover to ever exist! He sacrificed Himself for you, while you were His enemy. So take a few moments today to send God a valentine... because He loved you first.   Learn More of God's Word. Memorizing Scripture can be a real challenge for some of us, but it is a crucial element of glorifying God as His child! We [...Read More]