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As humans, we are bound to suffer physical affliction on this earth. However, as Christians, what should our response be to that affliction?

Should we simply accept it and stoically go on with our lives? Seek help through prayer, but reject medicine? Attend dramatic healing services? Does God still heal sickness today? If so, how do we access His healing?

Touching the Hem considers the questions of how to respond to sickness or injury, whether God still heals those things today, and how to seek that healing if He does.

It starts with a thorough look upward, at who God is, and what He has done and will do for His creation (mankind). We cannot accurately interpret our circumstances, or respond to them in a correct manner, until we know and believe that He is who He claims to be. Thus, before looking at our suffering, we must first build a solid foundation of God’s character and names throughout Scripture, Christ’s ministry here on earth, and His eternal works of atonement and glorification.

It then looks outward, considering our present circumstances in light of God’s character and works. It dives deeply into questions like: Why do we face physical suffering in this world? Where does it come from? What examples do we have of those who have suffered?

Only after looking upward and outward does it turn the gaze inward to our personal response, and how to continue living according to a biblical response. God’s Word contains specific commands to remain steadfast in prayer and faith. It includes principles to follow in any circumstances, but especially in physical affliction. It even offers guidance about seeking faith healers or attending healing services.

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Touching the Hem considers the questions of how to respond to sickness or injury, whether God still heals those things today, and how to seek that healing if He does. It’s a primer for responding biblically to any sort of suffering — especially life-changing physical illness or injury.

It starts with a thorough look upward at God—who He claims to be, what He has done for us in the past, and what He promises to do in the future. It then looks at our circumstances, observing physical affliction through the lens of God’s Word. Only then does it turn the gaze inward, considering our response to physical suffering, and how to live according to biblical principles. It also includes several appendices, including a list of practical suggestions for dealing with illness, why we suffer trials, and suggestions for further reading.

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