Trust Hope Rejoice – Ebook


Life is hard. It hurts. It costs.

It brings sorrow, and grief. It travels through dark places, up steep windy trails, across rock-strewn paths. It fights through the waves of turmoil, the gloomy rains of uncertainty.

There’s a lot of difficulty in this life. A lot of hard things.

And yet, our lives don’t have to be characterized by those dark places, by those heavy rains or angry waves. In fact, as Christians, there’s something else entirely that should characterize us: faith, hope, and joy.

God’s Word gives us all that we need for life and godliness. That includes the hard times of life, when we feel like doubting or when we feel hopeless. That includes when we’re flirting with discouragement, or floundering in despair.

God’s Word gives us everything that we need to trust, hope, and rejoice!


Trust. Hope. Rejoice. contains 30 page-length devotionals to encourage you, as you walk struggle through life’s difficulties. Each entry has a Scripture reading and a related meditation to help encourage your heart and strengthen your spirit.


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