February 20, 2018

Focus for 2014: Knowing God’s People

Last year, I chose gratitude as my "word for the year." Not because I wanted a "word" to define everything about the year, but because I wanted to grow in the understanding and application of gratitude. It really was more of an "attribute" for the year, instead of a general theme. I started the year by studying Psalm 103, sharing weekly posts about gratitude, and keeping a blessings book. Then life got busy and I slacked off a little... but I ended strong, with an in-depth study of Choosing Gratitude, which was perhaps the best book I read in 2013! It transformed my understanding of gratitude, and gave me practical steps to becoming a more grateful person. I think I can honestly say I [...Read More]

Disciplines for 2014

I've been struggling to set new goals for this year, and I finally figured out why -- I don't want to attempt anything new. Not that I don't want to try new things this year, but I don't want to set goals for accomplishing new things. Instead, I need to focus on maintaining and developing current things. I stumbled across some pretty good rhythms in 2013, in several areas, and I don't want to lose any ground! And I'm afraid setting new goals would do just that. So this year, I'm choosing disciplines instead of goals. I've chosen seven areas in which I need to be disciplined, in order to shift from occasional habits into regular lifestyles. It's not my "word for the year" (that's [...Read More]

Failed Goals – But Not a Failed Year

Who set goals for this past year? I did. I thought I'd chosen some really great ones to strive for... some things I really wanted to accomplish, most of which would benefit me in countless ways, and would keep me headed in the overall direction I wanted to go. But how did I actually do? Let's take a look...     Bible Reading & Studying: read through the entire Bible - complete! study James with our Sunday School class - complete! participate in 1 other group Bible study - not sure this ever happened! Bible Memorization: memorize 4 new chapters in the Bible - only completed 2.5 chapters review and solidify chapters memorized in 2012 - reviewed, [...Read More]