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Your Very Own Shepherd

I’ve always loved Psalm 23. There’s so much comfort packed into 6 little verses. It’s beautiful and reassuring, but it also reminds us where our focus should be. It puts this life into perspective.   The LORD is your shepherd. The one who spoke our universe into existence, the great King of Kings and Lord of […]

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The Rock in My Soul

My soul is weary. My heart is aching for friends who are struggling through difficult things right now. Loved ones are hurting, physically and emotionally. Friends are in seasons of uncertainty, of dim haziness. And so I pray. I pray for their hurt, their frustration, their need for clarity and direction. I pray that the […]

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Preparing for Eternity

It always surprises me how what you read in one section of God’s Word affects what you see in a different section. For instance, right now I’m reading through Psalms and 2 Corinthians. And as I absorb the comfort and refreshment of the Psalms, I find similar encouragement in Paul’s epistle. And they just tie […]

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Where is God in all this? – and a LinkUp

Horrific unconstrained wildfire in Colorado. Land and homes ruined beyond repair. Scary decisions regarding healthcare. Uncertainty in our country’s future. In light of the past week’s national headlines, you might be wondering where is God in all this? He is still here. Still with us. Still guiding us. And yes, still protecting us. Things could be so much worse. […]

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Six Comforting Truths from Isaiah 40

I just completed my daily Bible reading . . . and now I have Handel’s Messiah going through my head. And a whole host of other hymns and songs that were written from the contents of this chapter. It starts off proclaiming comfort to God’s people, specifically to His chosen nation of Israel. After centuries […]

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Soothing the Soul

Music hath charms to soothe a savage beast.

It’s so true. I don’t know about you, but the inner part of my nature can be as savage as a wild animal at times. Emotional upheaval, spiritual dehydration, mental ferociousness. My heart and soul can become unrestrained and vicious at times, seeking to destroy others or nearly destroying myself in their vehemence.

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We Are Not Alone

I don’t know what you’re going through right now. I don’t know what difficulties you’re wading through, what trials are flooding over your head and threatening to pull your feet out from under you. I don’t know the flame of testing you are being led through. But this I know: you are not alone.

This I know, for this is what our Heavenly Father promises us in His Word. We are never alone. He is always with us; He will never forsake us or leave us to falter in our own frail weakness. He will never stop leading us; it is only that we stop following. We stop looking for His direction and try to find our own way. We try to walk on the shifting sands of trouble, only to sink to our knees. We flounder in the waves of discouragement and fear. We shrink from the hard rains of uncertainty.

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