Tag: Contentment

Certain Unalienable Rights

So much chatter surrounds the topic of “rights.” We believe we have the “right” to so many things — to perpetual comfort, to have things our way, to do whatever we feel like doing whenever we feel like doing it. If we can’t sleep at night, we get upset because we think we have a […]

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Theology of a Smile

Yesterday was grocery shopping day. Translation: yesterday was the day hubby & I got to spend 4 quality hours braving one of the busiest roads in the upstate, fighting the fracas of crazy drivers and rude pedestrians, and toiling through the most crowded Walmart in the area as it was undergoing store-wide renovations. Re-translation: yesterday […]

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Like a Puppy

Sometimes I wish I could be more like my puppy. Not the hairy part of her, or the being-on-a-leash part of her. But the part of her that’s just content to “be,” happy just to sit next to us (although she does sometimes try to jump in our laps). Or like right now, when she’s […]

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