March 17, 2018

You Are Called to Be Creative

After I was diagnosed with Wegener's, I went through a period where the most I could do during the day was stumble to the couch for a change of scenery. I read light fiction or watched movies, and that was about it. Nothing creative, nothing requiring any sort of energy output. Thankfully, that period didn't last, and I slowly started to look for low-intensity activities to occupy my time. I never considered myself creative in any sense of the word -- so when someone suggested I try scrapbooking, I laughed at them. But the idea took root . . . and while I never did much actual scrapbooking (I only finished about ten pages in my wedding book that I started about ten years ago!), I [...Read More]

Inspiration, Creativity, and Using Your Talents

I watched a webinar with Michael Hyatt a while back about writing and getting published, and something he said stuck with me: "Inspiration doesn't show up until you do. Be consistent." Tolkien said it another way: "It's the job that's never started that takes the longest to finish." And here's how my boss, Becky Robinson, says it: "The magic happens when you show up." Another way to think of it is: creativity breeds creativity. The more you write (or design, or implement, or whatever your hobby is), the easier it will become. In other words, as difficult as it is for creative-types to acknowledge, art requires discipline. You have to show up consistently to make progress toward your [...Read More]

Refresh Your Quiet Time – Use Your Senses

We recently spent a few days at a cabin in the Nantahala National Forest. It was peaceful, refreshing, inspiring... all the things that make it worth the hours of planning, budgeting, and working ahead. We spent our days enjoying the mountains, hiking to waterfalls, relaxing and having fun together, and eating lots of good food. But my favorite thing about that getaway, besides being with my husband 24/7? The screened-in porch at the cabin! It wasn't that the porch itself was that amazing -- but the setting was great. It was one story off the ground and surrounded by trees, with the soft soundtrack of birds and a nearby fountain. It was a deep breath of fresh air, for both body [...Read More]