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Helen Roseveare (Heroes of the Faith)

Heroes of the faith are all around us — if we know where to look. Many are simply unknown to the world-at-large as they quietly struggle through a lifetime of isolation and hardship. But many others have written of their journeys and shared the ways God has divinely shaped their paths to fit His perfect […]

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Bezalel (Heroes of the Faith)

Today I’m thrilled to have Kimberly Pina sharing about one of her favorite heroes of the faith, a lesser-known Bible character named Bezalel. To be honest, when she first mentioned his name, it sounded familiar — but I had no idea who he was or what he had done. So I asked if she would […]

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Let’s Chat: Heroes of the Faith

If you read my last post, you know that I’m planning to share about some heroes of the faith throughout this year. I’ve been mulling over this idea, ever since I settled on my focus for 2014 (Knowing God’s People). Reading biographies and sharing them with you all is a great way to increase my knowledge […]

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Heroes of the Faith

Corrie ten Boom (Heroes of the Faith)

In keeping with my focus for 2014, here is a brand new series which will (hopefully) continue throughout this year, as I read more biographies and get to better know God’s people. Corrie ten Boom wasn’t Jewish, but she stood up for those who were. She not only lent a helping hand, she almost gave her […]

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Focus for 2014: Knowing God’s People

Last year, I chose gratitude as my “word for the year.” Not because I wanted a “word” to define everything about the year, but because I wanted to grow in the understanding and application of gratitude. It really was more of an “attribute” for the year, instead of a general theme. I started the year by […]

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Focus on Intercession: Soldiers of Christ

You’re probably familiar with the passage about the armor of God. Paul compares earthly battle armor with invisible spiritual armor. Everything he lists is something a Roman soldier wore to protect vital organs or parts of the body crucial to fighting a battle. For instance, shoes — you can’t fight very well if your feet […]

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