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Bible Listening, Noteworthy Books, & Other Updates

Life lately has seemed to fly by! Summer always goes quickly, and this year was no exception. Of course, we packed in a TON of activity — church ministries, VBS, business trips for James, deputation trips, hiking, and I don’t even remember what else! But fall is my favorite season, so I’m happy to see […]

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Life Has Been Full Lately!

Life has been full lately. In fact, I think June disappeared down a rabbit hole. Between my husband being away for 2 weeks on business, and my spending several weeks immersed in VBS responsibilities, the whole month rather flew by without much else getting accomplished! And July is starting off almost as busy with multiple […]

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Life Lately – April 2018

Now that it’s April, I’m finally setting my New Year’s goals. But before you think I’m a horrible procrastinator, let me confess that I did set one goal back in January — to put off goal-setting until my latest grad class was complete. I knew that planning and dreaming would either distract me from my studies, or […]

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Getting Personal with ‘Life Lately’

“Whatever else anything is, it ought to begin by being personal.” So says the charming Kathleen Kelly in the well-known film, You’ve Got Mail. Think what you will about rom-com’s (I’m not usually a fan): this particular one is clean and funny, and my husband and I enjoy its reminders of how we started getting to know each other. […]

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