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God Works All Things for Our Good

One of our favorite promises to meditate on during difficult seasons and share with others is the reminder that “for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose” Romans 8:28 (ESV). It is truly a great comfort to our souls, but the thing we usually forget is that it’s not […]

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Growing Strong in Your Faith

Do you ever doubt God? Does your trust in His promises, His love and His goodness and His mercy, ever waver? It’s okay, you can be honest about it. If you’re human (and I’m pretty sure we all are, let me know if I’m wrong), I daresay you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Life’s rolling along just fine and dandy for you until one morning – CRASH! – something ugly lands in front of you, completely blocking the path you were traveling on. You jump back, startled, and immediately begin worrying or fretting. And it keeps going from there. You turn your gaze from the One who calms the storms to the waves crashing at your feet, the winds of trouble whipping around you, the lightning-flashes of sorrow and frustration. You stop looking at the One who does everything right, and start focusing on all those little things that seem so wrong.

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What the Gospel Looks Like

Yesterday we looked at how believers in Jesus Christ have been set apart for the gospel, literally chosen specifically for the sake of God’s good news. Today I want to take another look at what it means to be living out that gospel, how it looks in the daily life of a Christian, specifically from the book of Romans.

So, how do we live in order for people around us to know what our purpose is? How do we show by our lifestyles that we are chosen by God and for God? Obviously the short answer is by living righteously. But what is longer answer of how to practically live that way? What are some specific actions or attitudes we need to put on as Christians?

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Set Apart for the Gospel

I started studying through Romans a few days ago, and there’s one phrase I just can’t get out of my mind. It’s in the very first verse, where Paul introduces himself, just like he does in almost every other letter he wrote. This introduction was a very crucial part of letters in New Testament times, for many times the recipients had not seen the writer in many years or even decades. In the Romans’ case, they had never even met Paul! And so, after he states his name, he adds some descriptive terms: a servant and an apostle. And then he adds a very interesting phrase, the one I keep mulling over in my mind. He describes himself as one who is set apart for the gospel of God.”

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