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You Are So Loved

Somebody you know needs to hear that they are loved today. Maybe you need to hear that, too. Not just loved by another person — though that’s always nice to hear! — but loved by an infinite, unchanging God. Loved not for who you know… what you do… how much you know… but simply because […]

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My Unexpected Journey Into Hand Lettering

Life is a grand adventure when you’re walking by faith. Sometimes you think you’re headed in one direction, and then you turn the corner and God leads you down a completely different path than you expected. That’s happened to me quite a few times, but the one I’m referring to today is my journey into […]

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5 Things for Your Thanksgiving Holiday Weekend

1️⃣ Free Print:  Want a Thanksgiving print to brighten up your buffet table or living room? Click here to download this hand-lettered “Give Thanks” print for FREE. (Print on cardstock or 28 lb paper. Free for personal use, but please don’t sell it or anything made from it.) 2️⃣ Food for Thought: If you need a little motivation to […]

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