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5 Things for Your Thanksgiving Holiday Weekend

1️⃣ Free Print:  Want a Thanksgiving print to brighten up your buffet table or living room? Click here to download this hand-lettered “Give Thanks” print for FREE. (Print on cardstock or 28 lb paper. Free for personal use, but please don’t sell it or anything made from it.) 2️⃣ Food for Thought: If you need a little motivation to […]

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Thoughts on Giving Thanks

There’s something special about this time of year, when so many people start meditating on everything they have to be thankful for. As Christians, we have an even greater reason to be people characterized by the habitual giving of thanks — not just for abundant physical blessings, but so many spiritual blessings too! The blogosphere is teeming […]

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Why Do We Give Thanks?

Every year around November 1, the online stratosphere gets inundated with thankfulness challenges. That’s not a bad thing! I love the rise of gratitude each year, seeing people becoming more aware of all the ways God blesses us everyday. But have you ever stopped to consider why we practice gratitude? Is it just because it’s the “thing to […]

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What Better Reason to Give Thanks?

I hope you’re praising God for all that you plan to enjoy this Thanksgiving — a warm cozy home, a nourishing and satisfying meal, laughter and fellowship, family and friends, break from routines, new memories in the making. I hope you thank Him specifically for all the blessings of everyday comfort and happiness, and all the intangible […]

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