February 17, 2018

12 Great Books Any Valentine Will Love

Does anyone else struggle to know what to give on Valentine's Day? I'm not really a "romantic" sort of person -- I'd rather give (or receive) something nice but useful, like beautiful Scripture art or something for a favorite hobby, than chocolate or a stuffed bear. (Though I admit flowers are always nice, as long as you're not allergic!) I'd rather share a gift that will truly benefit the person than just another dust-collector, something that will bring them pleasure and offer help in some way. Books are always a great gift idea, no matter what the occasion or recipient. They're useful and practical, with a dash of optimism -- offering hope or help, comfort or camaraderie, adventure or [...Read More]

Love-worthy Links for Valentines Day

Just in time for Valentine's Day... a round-up of links to help you show love to God, your family, your spouse, and even your favorite bloggers {ahem}. And also a chocolate cake recipe, just for fun.Because what's a holiday without some form of chocolate? Send God a Valentine. Have you ever thought about sending God a valentine? After all, He is truly THE greatest Lover to ever exist! He sacrificed Himself for you, while you were His enemy. So take a few moments today to send God a valentine... because He loved you first.   Learn More of God's Word. Memorizing Scripture can be a real challenge for some of us, but it is a crucial element of glorifying God as His child! We [...Read More]

Send God a Valentine

You know how you do nice things for your closest friend, just because they mean the world to you? You treat them to coffee, send them a funny card, bring them flowers, or something else that will put a smile on their face. Why don't we do that for God? Instead of merely doing things because we're "supposed" to, instead of simply doing what we've always done, instead of doing things in front of others to edify them... Why not do something for God's eyes only, just because you love Him? {--> click here to tweet that!} Things like: -- singing a love-song-of-praise to Him -- writing Him a love-letter-prayer for His eyes only -- promising your life to Him all over again -- [...Read More]

Intercession: Family Time

Valentine's Day -- love it or hate it? I may be married, but I'm not crazy about all the romantic-hoopla that retail stores try to throw at us. I never buy cards, I make my own. I don't usually buy gifts for my husband, I make my own. And we don't always go out for a nice meal -- sometimes, I make my own. All the commercialization of love can get kind of crazy -- especially if you don't feel like you have any reason to celebrate.  Valentine's Day can be difficult, there's no question about it. I know you're not all married. And I know not all married people are happy in their marriages. But I want to propose a challenge for today and tomorrow... a challenge that everyone can [...Read More]