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My ‘Invisible’ Illness

I discovered this morning that last week (Sept 11-18) was designated Invisible Illness Week. For people like me, who suffer from chronic illness but often hear the words “you look so normal.” Or something like them.

I have an “invisible illness.” It is actually quite visible to my doctors, in the blood tests and other labs I regularly have to get. It is usually visible to those who know me well. But to the random stranger in Walmart, the new family at church, or the friend of a friend I meet at a cookout, it remains invisible.

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Taking a Deep Breath {FMF}

Time for another Five Minute Friday. This week it’s about … Deep Breath Thinking about breathing reminds me of time not too long ago when breathing was a rather difficult thing for me. From December 2007 through October 2009, the times when I could breathe freely and fully were rare and sporadic. I had at […]

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