April 20, 2018

Stay Away from the Grey

I don't usually post about current happenings in our nation, but this time I can't seem to stay silent.  I must speak out against Fifty Shades of Grey, one of the most harmful things that is dragging millions along with its current and leading them swiftly towards destruction. "In a society that downplays the evil of evil, and even glamorizes it, we need to be regularly reminded of the danger of sin. Like a child that discovers a needle on the street and thinks it’s a toy, we can be dangerously naïve about what’s happening in our American entertainment." - Marshall Segal Please, I beg you, do not cause lifelong damage to yourself. Do not harm your spouse or future spouse. Do not [...Read More]

Good Intentions of Memorizing Scripture

Do you actively memorize Scripture?  If not, why not?  I know it's hard. It takes planning, concentrated effort, and discipline to practice faithfully. It requires being intentional -- because you aren't going to wake up some morning and suddenly have whole books of the Bible memorized, or even whole chapters. Memorizing takes work -- and you won't work at it, unless you plan to work at it. I was going to write more about the importance of memorizing Scripture, because there are so many great reasons to hide God's Word in our hearts. It keeps us from sin, it guides us in making decisions or offering counsel to others, it returns to mind when we need it most... and the list goes on. [...Read More]

Your Theology Affects Your Vision

Did you know that you are a theologian?  Yes, you -- moms and teens and cubicle workers and design enthusiasts and fitness gurus. If you are a Christian, then you are a theologian. It doesn't matter whether you're in seminary, or studying big theological tomes on your own, or even serving full-time in a church or mission. You are a theologian, because you have certain beliefs about who God is and what He does. You believe certain facts to be true, and certain facts to be false. You believe in specific characteristics of God, and have a particular belief about His purpose and plan for your life. These all make up the sum of your theology. Because theology, at its core, is simply the [...Read More]

God’s Truth Stands Forever

I recently began reading a modern translation of The Confessions of St. Augustine (affiliate link). This classic work from the 4th century has stirred the hearts of many Christians and provoked much growth towards spiritual maturity throughout the years. I never really knew what it was about, or why it was such a famous and time-tested classic... but after diving in, I'm flabbergasted that I've never read it before! It is provoking record of Augustine's confessions to God, a journal of the pointed, heartfelt questions intermingled with worship and praise to a holy Creator. I've been reading a short excerpt each day, mingling my own prayers with the cries of Augustine, and plan to read [...Read More]

What Kind of Garnish Are You?

Titus 2 talks about desirable character traits in older men, older women, younger women, and younger men. Each group has certain unique responsibilities corresponding to their various life stages, and each is commanded to own certain qualities in those life stages: self-control (this is mentioned for all four groups!) soundness in faith, love, and steadfastness reverence in behavior and speech hard work purity kindness The passage ends with an injunction for servants to obey their masters, which may seem irrelevant to us at first. But as Christians, we are disciples and servants of Christ! So it does apply to us, after all. And as servants, we are to have some [...Read More]

Let’s Chat about Bible Reading

What have you been reading lately in God's Word? Are you trying to read through the Bible in 2013? Are you studying a particular book or a specific topic? How has it been going? What's been your favorite book so far? What lessons have stuck out to you? Leave a comment. Share what you've been reading, ask a question, or share something you've learned that might encourage someone else. And invite your friends to join in too -- tweet about it! And let's chat about Bible reading!     Read God's Word with me this week! Tuesday: Hosea 5-8, Song of Songs 7 Wednesday: Ezra 1-4, Psalm 116 Thursday: Ezra 5-7, Psalm 117 Friday: Ezra 8-10, Psalm 118:1-14 Saturday: [...Read More]

When Your Sponge Runs Dry

You are a sponge. And so am I. We drink in whatever we're surrounded by. And when we're squeezed too tightly, or over-saturated, we let it out again. We go through phases of soaking and seeping. We take in encouragement, then offer it to friends in need. We take in unkind thoughts, then direct those unkind words toward loved ones. We take in {you-name-it} and share it with the world. It doesn't happen like clockwork: one thing in, one thing out. It's more like overlapping waves of the sea: one-thing-after-another-after-another -- getting and giving all muddled up at the same time. Sometimes your sponge runs dry. And you go through weeks of taking in, wondering and awed by certain [...Read More]