March 12, 2018

Trust. Hope. Rejoice.

Trust Hope Rejoice ebook

“Life is hard. It hurts. It costs.

It brings sorrow, and grief. It travels through dark places, up steep windy trails, across rock-strewn paths. It fights through the waves of turmoil, the gloomy rains of uncertainty.

There’s a lot of difficulty in this life. A lot of hard things.

And yet, our lives don’t have to be characterized by those dark places, by those heavy rains or angry waves. In fact, as Christians, there’s something else entirely that should characterize us.”

-from Trust. Hope. Rejoice.


Trust. Hope. Rejoice.

Because that’s what our lives should be characterized by, if we truly believe in Jesus Christ. That’s what our hearts should be growing towards, day after day, as we get in the Word and walk in the Spirit. That’s the testimony we should leave with others, no matter what difficulties we’re wading through at the time.

And each of these things is possible for us. For you, and for me. God’s Word gives us all that we need to for life and godliness.

That includes the hard times of life. That includes when we feel like doubting, or when we feel hopeless. That includes when we’re flirting with discouragement, or floundering in despair.

His Word gives us everything that we need to trust Him, hope in Him, and rejoice in Him.

And so I offer you this short book, with the prayer that it will encourage you in the midst of hard times. I pray that it will strengthen your faith, increase your steadfast hope in Christ, and help you find true joy even amidst grievous trials.

Trust. Hope. Rejoice. contains 30 page-length devotionals to encourage you, as you walk struggle through life’s difficulties. Many of the devotionals are excerpts from this blog, but there are a few new entries as well. And each entry has a short Scripture reading, because God’s Word is more perfect and powerful than any of my words could ever be.


So how do you get your copy? Find it on Amazon here.




  1. What a happy day!! I am so proud of you and excited to read your ebook!

  2. Big day for you! I’m planning to read my copy this weekend with a review on Monday. Congratulations – I know this is evidence of a lot of hard work on your part!

  3. So cool, Elizabeth!! I’m downloading my copy now! Can’t wait to read it! Blessings on this writing journey, friend!

  4. How exciting! Will sign up by email and look forward to reading it.

  5. Well, you don’t have to ask me twice! I can’t wait to read your ebook. 🙂

    (Visiting from the Allume linkup)

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